Research on Magnesium and Voltage Gated Calcium Channels (EMF Sensitivity)

Maybe someone who knows something about cellular biology could take a look at this research and see if it’s relevant to the hypersensitivity of some people to EMF fields, given the connection between microwave toxicity and VGCC’s discussed in the video below.  Could magnesium supplementation reduce EMF sensitivity?

The second most plentiful cation in intracellular fluid and an essential element for the activity of many enzymes is Mg2+.1 In addition to these biochemical actions, magnesium salts have been shown to lower blood pressure.2,3 The hypotensive effect of Mg2+ has been found to be mediated by nonspecific antagonism of the Ca2+ channels in vascular smooth muscle cells.4,5 On the contrary, Mg2+ deficiency results in a high catecholamine level, altered barofunction, and hypertension.6,7 Sympathoactivation and catecholamine elevation induce tachycardia, glucose intolerance, and abnormal fat metabolism, as well as direct cardiotoxicity.8,9 At the same time, recent clinical studies revealed that Mg2+ protects brain from ischemic damages.10,11 The mechanism for neuroprotection of Mg2+ is not fully elucidated; however, similar to Mg2+ effect on vasculature, it is speculated that Mg2+-induced decrease in intracellular Ca2+ plays an important role. It can be hypothesized that Mg2+ effect on Ca2+ homeostasis in neural cells may be a common mechanism between sympathoinhibitory and neuroprotective action of Mg2+.

In the present study, we performed in vivo and ex vivo experiments to investigate the effect of Mg2+ on circulatory control by modulating sympathetic tone. Also, we investigated the in vitro effect of extracellular Mg2+ concentrations on the voltage-gated Ca2+ current of nerve growth factor (NGF)-differentiated PC12 cells, which have characteristics in common to peripheral sympathetic nerves.12,13

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