Pompeo Promises a “Much More Vicious” CIA

More vicious than teaching torture techniques to client regimes around the world?  More vicious than training, equipping, deploying and paying death squads and jihadis to sow chaos in those countries that aren’t yet under our “protective umbrella”?   Or staging false flag massacres within the USA itself?   Or importing street drugs to support the hollowed out dollar and finance CIA operations abroad while funnelling american kids into the prison industrial complex as corporate slave labor?  Standing by while the lifeblood of the country is wasted on foreign adventures and subsidies for  corporate plunder at home and abroad?   More vicious than having the gall to “plead the 5th” on the JFK assassination?

Seriously now, how vicious does a rabid dog have to be before it’s put down?

CIA Director Mike Pompeo told an interviewer at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) the CIA will “become a much more vicious agency” in conducting covert operations against its roster of enemies, most prominently Iran and North Korea.

Pompeo also told the gathering of neocons Trump decertified the Iran deal not because it is in violation—the Iranians are playing by the rules—but rather because Trump has been told it “would curtail Iranian adventurism.”

Trump advisor, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, also addressed the FDD neocons. He said America has suffered from a lack of “strategic competence… in recent years,” in other words, the deep state has failed to remove the governments of Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and assorted others….


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