NIH Surveils Social Media for Vaccine Beliefs, Study Finds

Would it make you feel safer to know that your government is monitoring social media for your views on vaccines?  Studying us all like lab rats to isolate the anti-vaccine animals, to determine the nature of the beast, his habitat, his resources, his beliefs? That it is culling all this data to be used one day in large government programs to identify the perpetrators of unsafe opinion with ease and to silence them?

No? Well, it is underway.

A study published this month reveals that social scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health have monitored hundreds of thousands of personal tweets to document “trends of anti-vaccination beliefs” on Twitter and to “geolocate” the users of the social media platform and pigeonhole them in demographic categories. …

What, you don’t believe in the religion of trust in distant financially conflicted and corrupt hierarchies of authority?  But we have so much money!  How can you resist our tedious and monotonously soothing platitudes?   Don’t you want to be part of the herd?

Off with his head!


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