FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Council Mueller’s Terrorist Conflict of Interest

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds exposes Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s conflict of interest in pursuing General Michael Flynn’s case due to his direct involvement as former FBI Director and his role in covering up and protecting Gulen Networks’ criminal operations within the United States, and demands that he steps down.


As a reminder, it was Flynn who blew the whistle on obama’s double dealing with ISIS in the satanic bankster’s use of islamic fundamentalist terrorists in its war against pretty much everyone, including the american people.   NATO AND THE USA CONTROL ISIS, as they controlled its previous PR incantation, al qaeda.

In case you haven’t noticed, this country is literally going down the tubes as a direct consequence of this 20 year long covert operation which murdered around 3000 people in its coming out party on 9/11, and which has broad support in congress and of course the deep state appendage known as the mainstream media, presumably due to the satanists’ systematic use of blackmail and bribery ( http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/12/franklin-coverup-the-white-house-call-boy-ring/ ).   Even the so-called “peace movement” is quite content to support the “war on terror”, apparently because they’re terrified of being called conspiracy theorists, which would dry up their funding and cause them to lose their access to “respectable” media.

The problem for the sheep and traitors among us is that the satanists’ global takeover project is falling apart.  These bloodthirsty parasites aren’t even competent, much less morally defensible.   Will whatever authentic patriots there are left in the pentagon please do something to save us from the enemy within?

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