Actor Corey Feldman Fears for Life As He Prepares to Expose Hollywood Pedophile Network

The satanists targeted the infotainment industry many years ago, just as they targeted medicine, because they knew how pivotal they would be in their campaign of social control and cultural manipulation.   Since pedophilia related blackmail is one of their primary “recruiting” tools, it’s not surprising that hollywood is full of pedophiles.

Of course medicine’s obsession with genital mutilation is sado-pedophilia made manifest, as you can see when you realize that every single excuse they’ve come up with to keep doing it is false.   HIV is only the most recent example. They simply want to tie down newborn babies and go after their dicks with knives.   In any other context this would readily be seen as satanic ritual abuse.    Parents’ willingness to go along with this demonstrates the stranglehold satanism already has on this culture.

The satanists’ use of pedophilia as a tool of takeover and control is the simple reason why the establishment is full of pedophiles and what they eventually turn into, satanists.   It’s a machine I’m talking about, as predictable as rain from a storm cloud.    This is no longer in the realm of speculation and theories.   The MSM’s silence and spotty coverage of the issue betrays their own compromised state.