Twilight of Internet: Youtube moves further to limit access to videos

It was unrealistic to think all the explosive information out there would be allowed to remain indefinitely.  You’re going to kick yourself if you don’t save the stuff that’s important to you NOW.   Firefox has video download plugins that work for vimeo and youtube.   You might start with the videos in the reference section of this site.

We’ve been living through an unprecedented time of revelations.   The net has ushered in a new enlightenment not unlike the invention of the printing press, but on steroids.   And STILL most people are only now just beginning to wake up.   When net freedom is gone, it will be a long hard winter.  But the information that’s still available can be the seeds of a new civilization when spring arrives again.   Save your seeds now.

YOUTUBE has been accused of censorship after introducing a controversial new policy designed to reduce the audience for videos deemed to be “inappropriate or offensive to some audiences”.

The Google-owned video site is now putting videos into a “limited state” if they are deemed controversial enough to be considered objectionable, but not hateful, pornographic or violent enough to be banned altogether….

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