Treasury Secretary Seeks to Reassure Everyone About Ft. Knox Gold

Who knows, maybe there’s some gold left in ft. knox.  But the rest of the world knows very well that most of the gold has been looted and practically given away to the likes of goldman sachs to be dumped on the open market.   Seriously.   I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  This is babylonian scale corruption.

One need not speculate on the hard facts of what has been happening to the gold, regardless of the purported motivations of the central banks in literally dumping national gold hoards on the market at far below market values.   This practice has been going on for decades, it’s publicly acknowledged and tracked on financial sites, and it’s called “gold leasing”.   Now, you might say, “ok, the gold has been lent out, so what?   The borrower has to pay it back.”   No.  Sorry.  This author summarises the situation well:

Gold interest rates will only remain at the current low levels as long as those who lend gold fail to account for any counter party risk (repayment risk). After all, no head of state would relish the task of publicly announcing something along the lines of: “You know all that gold that backs our currency? Well, we have lent a large portion of it to some bullion dealers and hedge funds in order to generate a 1% return and they’ve defaulted, so it’s gone. Sorry about that.”

In other words, the gold was borrowed for a pittance by goldman sachs or some other criminal enterprise and then SOLD on the open market in order to buy US treasuries, simultaneously suppressing the price of gold and propping up the demand for of US debt, both of which serve to support the value of the dollar.  Goldman gets to keep the spread between the lease rate and treasury rate, a government-granted monopoly investment with a guaranteed risk-free rate of return courtesy of the US taxpayer.    Nothing to see here.

If any MSM ace-reporterbot actually thinks to ask questions, the standard claim is that goldman can buy the gold back to pay off their gold debt when the price starts rising again.   But what if the price skyrockets overnight?   Even goldman doesn’t have the funds to buy back all the gold they’ve sold after the price goes to a reasonable level, which is at least $10,000 or more.   The very act of buying back that much gold would be enough to cause the price to skyrocket all by itself.

In theory they could buy it slowly and covertly as china and russia have been doing for years in preparation for rolling out their own gold back currency, and then pay it back to the treasury before all hell breaks loose.   But that would negate goldman’s real motivation for what it has been doing.   You see, by waiting until the price goes crazy, they can throw up their hands and say “oops!   Who could have predicted this?”

So goldman defaults on their gold debt.   They go out of “business.”  Big deal.  It was just a facade for the owners of the “fed” and their friends anyway, who have been steadily slurping up that very same gold on the cheap from the open market for years.   They’ll be well positioned when the dollar crashes and starving americans are willing to sell everything just to survive, as they did during the Great Ripoff of the 1930’s.

Gold gone.   Case closed.   This is the meaning of “limited liability corporation”.

This is especially incredible given that the ft. knox gold hoard was created by the mass confiscation of gold from the people under threat of imprisonment during the great ripoff of the 1930’s ( ), purportedly to backstop the value of the dollar.   So over a period of 85 years or so, the central banking cartel has managed to literally steal virtually all the gold from the people of the USA and put it in their own pockets (as well as the pockets of the chinese, russians and anyone else who was paying attention) at far below market value, all completely legally.

Just another conspiracy theory.

Steven Mnuchin Says ‘Gold is Safe’ At Fort Knox

A rare visit occurred Monday, and it wasn’t the Solar Eclipse.

Instead, it was U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s visit to the country’s gold hoard at Fort Knox.

On Twitter, the former Hollywood producer reassured the American people that all the gold – and all $200 billion worth of it — was still there. …

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If you want to rub your nose in it, here’s a good place to start:

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