Subjugation of American Kids: Medical Assault, “Education” Assault, Police Assault and Another Medical Assault

Next stop: prison.  He’ll make a fine slave.

You can’t really blame the cops any more than you can blame the rest of us.  Many of them are also genitally mutilated and vaccine damaged.  Satanists are nothing if not thorough.  They have to be: their agenda is so very ugly, premature exposure would be dangerous for them.

As far as the educational system, he was already in mental restraints along with the rest of his classmates.   The biggest lesson I learned from my public “education” was how irrelevant and oppressive it was.  A total waste of time.  It was designed to be.   The idea is to break you for induction into the slave system:

Underground History of American Education

Modern Education


Cops Kidnap 8yo Boy for Acting Out in School, Put Him in Restraints, Force Inject Him with Sedatives

In a police state, innocent 8-year-old boys with severe learning disabilities and diagnosed behavioral issues are not safe from the violent hand of the state’s enforcers. A mother has learned the hard way just how unsafe a child can be when the state gets involved after her 8-year-old son was kidnapped by police, put in restraints, and forcefully injected with a sedative after acting out on his first day of school.

Debbie Kiroff is now looking for answers after her son endured horrific abuse at the hands of those who claim to protect.

“They know he’s a runner,” she told CBC Toronto. “When I first brought him to the school, I said to them, ‘He likes to run. That’s his release.’”

Earlier this month, the principal at Holland Landing Public School called her to let her know her son’s behavior was “escalating.” However, she never expected what came next.

“He usually runs to the same spot near the little forest that they go to for day trips,” Kiroff said of the place her son runs to find his peace. This time, however, after he ran off, the police were called in.

According to Kiroff, she says it all began over an argument with another boy about who should be able to use a computer.

“He’s running around right now, he’s got a ruler, he’s climbing this, climbing that,” Kiroff says the principal told her, asking her to come pick her son up.

Kiroff, who works for the Canada Post, couldn’t leave work, so she sent her daughter to pick him up.

By the time she got to the school, however, it was too late. Cops had snatched him up after he allegedly tried to run off school property.

“Mom, they’ve already got him in the police car. They’re taking him to the hospital because he’s too angry,” she says her daughter told her on the phone…

Oh, the “hospital”!   The place of healing and compassion.   I get it!   Medicine is just another appendage of the octopus.   Everything is reversed in a luciferian society.   So line up for your shots!

Or not.

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