Satanic Traitor Lindsey Graham Prepares Ground for Overthrow of USA Based on 9/11 False Flag

And the so-called “liberal” peace movement loves it!  After all, they wholeheartedly support the hoax of 9/11 simply by ignoring the mountains of evidence of its staged nature.   This is why I traded in my “liberal” credentials years ago.  I am ashamed I was ever associated with this herd of cowardly sheep who now call themselves “antifa” and openly work for fascists like soros.   They are the definition of controlled opposition.

Anyway, this is from 2012 and shows graham making a case for overthrowing the constitution and bill of rights based on what this consumate neocon certainly knows to be a false flag.   When he speaks of “domestic terrorist” and “traitor” he knows he’s talking about himself.  Typical luciferian reversal.   Very useful in deflecting suspicion.

Normal people simply can’t conceive of the level of evil and depravity displayed by the satanic elite.   Why would anyone want to destroy the world for short term gain?   That’s why satanists remain invisible.  Their motivations are opaque to sane people.   And yet history demonstrates that they’ve always been out there, burrowing into positions of power in places like the USSR, nazi germany and the US senate.

Something else about graham:

Terrorist caught Red-handed threatening to nuke USA

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