PDF: CENSORED: Played by the Mighty Wurlitzer: The Press, the CIA, and the Subversion of Truth

From Project Censored 2017 yearbook at projectcensored.org

Played by the Mighty Wurlitzer: The Press, the CIA, and the Subversion of Truth (36 pages PDF)

A journalist in the US specializing in national security issues, Ken Dilanian, found himself under the harsh glare of the media spotlight in September 2014 when it was revealed that he had been collaborating with press officers of the United States government’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the shaping and publishing of his news stories for the Los Angeles Times, one of the most influential daily newspapers in the nation.

An expose by the Intercept online magazine shows how, in private emails messages to CIA public affairs staff, Dilanian had not only shared entire drafts of his stories with the agency prior to publication, but had also offered to write up for the CIA on at least one occassion a story on controversial US drone strikes overseas that would be reassureing to the public and “a good opportunity” for the CIA to put its spin on the issue.

And Dilanian was not alone. Other email messages, though heavily redacted by the CIA, showed that reporters from other major news organizations likewise had cooperative relationships with the agency. …


Funny how, except for their elite government credentials, the CIA is indistinguishable from an invading army.   And yet they continue getting official appropriations from our “elected representatives”, and that doesn’t even include the proceeds from the drug running and the blackmail of powerful politicians.   Friends don’t let friends be led around like sheep to the slaughter, especially when the likes of the CIA have led us to the brink of WWIII.

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