Monetary Monoculture Under Cloak of Ethnic Diversity

Satanists are very good at using masks, though sometimes the mask gets grotesquely distorted in the process of stretching it over the horns and snout of the beast beneath.    Such is the case with the west’s forced migration of traumatized, enraged and circumcised muslims into europe under the ludicrous pretext of human rights concern, after decades of imposing torture regimes followed by bombing their homes to smithereens under two false pretexts, the manufactured “war on communism” followed by the manufactured “war on terror”.

Anthony Sutton: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Communism

The Muslim Weapon

The intent is obviously not to create a democratic “melting pot” but to impose a permanent fissure on european societies for the purpose of internal division and control, since such control will be increasingly difficult to maintain as the western renaissance culture of relative freedom and democracy is replaced by a futuristic version of the dark ages under a luciferian-controlled planetary technocracy.

The confidence which the EU “vice president” displays above, as he speaks of an historically unprecedented new planetary regime which would be quite impossible to imagine under anything resembling regional self determination, should raise red flags even among the sheep.   Where does such confidence (arrogance) come from?   Absent the pleasant sounding PR of diverse cultures “just getting along”, his speech sounds positively totalitarian.  But the little secret that we’re not supposed to notice is that the economic foundation of his idyllic paradise will be based on the centuries-old and increasingly ravenous parasitic disease of debt-based currency, which is already mostly accepted as a law of nature.   The regional “governments” will still have a facade of local political accountability, but all will be subject to the constraints imposed by the continuation of the ongoing wholesale theft administered by the central banking cartel.

Censored: Ben Franklin on the Real Cause of the American Revolution

Thus the existing rationale for mass impoverishment and depopulation will be maintained and extended.   It’s just arithmetic doncha know?

As usual, the political agenda is driven by the economic agenda.   The humanitarian PR is only there for public consumption.

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws! — Mayer Rothschild

Contrary to some racially obsessed sites, it has nothing to do with a white genocide except insofar as such a genocide would serve the purpose of culturecide.   When people can’t be re-educated, they must be eliminated.    Luciferians are not racists.   They are open and accepting of all psychopaths.

Culturecide: Sweden May Use Police to Force Homeschoolers into Public School

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