New “RNA interference” crop technology WEAPONIZES food into the ultimate eugenics weapon

A devastating new food weaponization technology has been developed called “RNA interference.” This technology, initially rolled out to destroy the fertility of pests, could easily be expanded into a genocidal food-based weapon that targets African-Americans to destroy their fertility. The same technology could also be fine-tuned to target Whites, Latinos, Asians or other races with various “biological payloads” that could include shutting off their fertility, neurological function or ability to build new blood vessels, eventually leading to death.

A New York Times article from 1969, shown below, quotes top science advisors openly calling for placing sterilization chemicals into the food supply to eliminate Blacks. President Nixon’s chief science advisor endorsed the plan and added that perhaps a lottery system could allow certain lucky people to “win” an antidote that would restore their fertility (keep reading for the NYT article source, below). Depopulation advocates at the time said that the United States population should be limited to 150 million people, and that new science breakthroughs should be pursued to find ways to eliminate excess population.

“RNA interference” is a well-known phenomenon in the world of biology and medicine. It describes a process where RNA molecules inhibit gene expression, effectively blocking an organism’s genes from synthesizing proteins or other molecules that are crucial for sustaining life. RNA interference technology is well known in the cancer industry, for example, where such treatments are touted as ways to disable cancer stem cells without using toxic chemotherapy drugs. It’s also known as a type of “gene silencing” therapy.

Medical discovery turns into biological weapon

In 2008, research conducted at the University of Kentucky found that gene silencing therapies could have unexpected harmful side effects. As explained by Science Daily: (emphasis added)

A dramatic new study published in the most recent issue of Nature questions some of the mechanisms underlying a new class of drugs based on Nobel Prize-winning work designed to fight diseases ranging from macular degeneration to diabetes. …[T]he findings made by Ambati’s lab show the mechanisms behind it are not as scientists once believed. In fact, Ambati’s work imparts the need for caution in current clinical trials using the technology, as it may have potentially harmful effects on subjects.

In short, researchers in 1998 discovered a class of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) that possessed powerful gene-silencing capabilities, or the ability to “turn off” disease-causing genes in the body.Ambati… and his colleagues have made a critical discovery that challenges the view that siRNA’s therapeutic effects are imparted solely through RNA interference. Ambati and collaborators argue that siRNA functions generically rather than specifically, thus the new class of drugs being formulated may actually adversely affect blood vessel growth in a variety of organs.

Suddenly, the world of science and medicine had stumbled upon a way to turn food into a genetically-targeted weapon for eugenics or depopulation….

RNA interference technology turned out to be a powerful BIOLOGICAL WEAPON

In essence, scientists accidentally discovered that RNA interference technology, originally pursued to save lives, could be tweaked into a powerful, deadly, biological weapon. With some engineering of precise RNA fragments, almost any race or body organ system could be targeted.

This development, of course, attracted the attention of the biotech industry, which has long been steeped in the technology of killing things with chemicals. (Monsanto developed Agent Orange and now poisons the global food supply with glyphosate, a cancer-causing herbicide.)

Now, biotech scientists possessed a way to insert RNA interference weapons into food crops, causing the “programmed death” of almost any organism they wanted to eliminate… including humans.

Weaponizing food crops into eugenics weapons

RNA interference technology, when inserted into food crops via genetic engineering, “weaponizes” those crops into instruments of death. This is the exact description used by Science Daily, which says:

Researchers are now weaponizing this by engineering crops to produce specific RNA fragments that, upon ingestion by insects, initiate RNA interference to shut down a target gene essential for life or reproduction, killing or sterilizing the insects.

And you thought the nazi’s had lost WWII.  Not so.  They just retreated back into their gold vaults on wall street.

Eugenics: War Against the Weak

Most people don’t think about the flip side of the eugenics paradigm and what it implies.   If you believe that genetics determines economic or intellectual productivity and socioeconomic status,  you also believe that people in lower socioeconomic strata tend to have poor genetics and thus that demographic needs to be weeded out.   This explains the eugenics strategy behind artificially imposed obstacles to good health and good nutrition.   For instance using QR codes to label GMO “food” will require shoppers to have QR reading devices, which normally means some kind of smartphone.  There’s your selection criterion: if you can’t afford a smartphone you’re automatically selected for disease and early death.