The Real Reason Women Can’t Orgasm

It’s not her fault… or his

75 percent of women can’t achieve orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex alone. In other words, if a woman is “getting off,” it’s usually before the penis goes in or after it’s pulled out, with a helping hand or tongue.

No one seems exactly sure why this is. It’s a frustrating mystery no “sex”pert has been able to solve.

Some have blamed women, saying they just doesn’t know how to relax or “let go,” they might have unresolved sexual trauma, or even that their “vaginas are too weak.”

Others have blamed men — not enough foreplay, not enough after play, not gentle enough, not hard enough, not fast enough, not slow enough…

Practitioners of tantra say men just don’t last long enough. If they could learn “edging” and ejaculation control, she’d have time to “get there.” I’m a personal fan of this theory, but a lot of women say intercourse doesn’t do much for them no matter how long it lasts and can even get uncomfortable or painful if it lasts too long.

Others have given up, saying vaginal orgasms just don’t exist, so we should just forget about them and focus on the clitoris. This poor, bitter woman is among countless millions who’ve settled on the belief men and women weren’t meant to enjoy sex simultaneously — foreplay is for her and intercourse is for him.

Vaginal orgasms are not a myth

To me, this is tragic. I know for a fact vaginal orgasms are real. I’ve experienced at least a dozen firsthand.

The trouble is it took me over 30 years to have a really good one, and, like I said, I’ve only had about a dozen. Apparently it takes men a ton of work to give them to me, and I’ve found them nearly impossible to give myself.

In the last couple of years since my first unmistakable cervical orgasm, I’ve become obsessed with telling my friends the good news. But the more I tried to explain how I did it — something I didn’t quite understand myself — the more frustrated they would get. “We’ve tried all that… it isn’t working,” they’d say.

This can’t be right, I thought. It shouldn’t be this hard. Something is missing.


Now would be a good time to explain how I got my first cervical orgasm. I’m polyamorous and in an open relationship. I started having sex with my roommate Ben almost two years ago. Of the 10 guys I’ve had sex with, he had one thing the rest didn’t – a partial foreskin. …

I finally bought the book Sex As Nature Intended It last week. I didn’t realize it was only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle or I would’ve bought it sooner.

I stayed up all night reading it in tears. I’ve known about and written about the general horrors of circumcision for several years, but didn’t realize how deep a divide it’s created in American marriages and relationships since it became the norm here about 75 years ago.

There is something missing in millions of bedrooms across America —” the book begins. “A necessary part of human sexuality from the beginning, yet, incredibly, its importance has been completely overlooked.

For too many women, the lure of would-be delicious sex often turns out a disappointment that leaves them hungering for something more,” author Kristen O’Hara writes.

Men too have been left wanting for something seemingly out of reach … in a survey of over 52,000 men … 55 percent said they were dissatisfied with their sex lives and 39 percent admitted to various problems such as disinterest in sex. Others said they had relatively good sex but complained ‘it’s not all it’s cracked up to be’ and wonder ‘if they are missing something.‘”

According to O’Hara, they definitely are.

If you don’t have time for the whole book, I highly recommend checking out her website, which explains the mechanics of circumcised versus “natural” sex. …

When this social explosion finally goes off, doktors will be hiding their diplomas in their desks instead of hanging them on the wall.  They’ll be suing their medical schools for their money back.  They’ll be lucky to get a job flipping burgers.   And just maybe, parents will no longer allow their kids to be injected with toxic and useless vaccine concoctions.

American metasin is toast.  They are absolutely terrified.   And they should be.

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