Satanic Government “Licenses” GMO Hemp

Let there be no doubt, when they come out with a psychoactive version of GMO pot (with or without a prescription “licensed” to the medical eugenics monopoly) it will be just another mind-deadening psych drug.  The last thing they want are mind-expanding drugs on the street.    The whole idea is to destroy our ability to think outside of our skinner boxes.

BTW: isn’t vandalism illegal any more?   Here we have a fully functional and useful natural plant that does just fine thank you without the “miracle” of modern syence, which will be corrupted and eventually destroyed.

Mainstream Media Just Admitted Biotech Company Has Exclusive Patents on GMO Cannabis

In an article from Reuters this week, on biotechnology being used to lower nicotine in tobacco, the biotech company, 22nd Century Group was highlighted for their work in trying to make cigarettes less addictive by genetically engineering tobacco to have less of the drug.

However, also in the article was the admission that the company has more than 200 patents that give it the ability to increase or decrease the level of nicotine in tobacco plants, as well as the level of cannabinoids in cannabis plants.

What was once fake news, is now a reality.

According to 22nd Century Group, they were granted an exclusive sublicense in the United States and a co-exclusive sublicense in the remainder of the world, excluding Canada, to patents and patent applications relating to the cannabis plant that are required for the production of cannabinoids, the major active ingredients in the cannabis plant.

The company claims that their intention is to foster the growth of the hemp industry in the United States by creating a cannabis that has zero THC, thus making it legal under the government’s tyrannical standards.

However, without this GMO cannabis, headway is already being made in states across the country in regards to hemp through states refusing to listen to the feds. As TFTP reported in June, Nevada became the latest state to defy the federal government’s apparent “War on Nature” by legalizing commercial industrial hemp production.

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Industrial hemp already contains little to no THC, so the need to genetically modify it to make it ‘legal’ in the eyes of the state is as absurd as it is unnecessary. However, given the shift toward a more sustainable society, it is highly likely that hemp production will skyrocket over the next decade.

Those who own patents on the hemp which will be allowed by the federal government first will essentially create a monopoly on their product using the state to block other, natural, growers.

In essence, through the use of government granted monopolies, 22nd Century Group and others like them could become to hemp what Monsanto has become to corn and soy….

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