PDF: 15th Anniversary Issue Best of Covert Action Information Bulletin (1994)

Covert Action Quarterly #47

15th Anniversary Issue

The FBI Targets Judi Bari
By Ward Churchill — 4
Did the FBI put a bomb In Earth First! activists’ car and then try to frame them for the crime? The evidence points to Bureau guilt and fits a historical pattern set by COINTELPRO in the ’60s.
Russia in the Winter of Democracy 
By Fred Weir — 10
Boris Yeltsin, savior of Russian democracy? There Is much more behind the October coup than our smug pundits and gloating leaders want us to think.
Rocky Flats: The Jury That Wouldn’t Shut Up
By Brian Abas — 16
When a grand jury heard the Rocky Flats horror show of nuclear pollution, they voted to Indict the corporate and government officials responsible. They didn’t know the fix was in.
Trilateral Spin on NAFTA
By Joyce Nelson — 22
When Clinton, Ford, Carter, and Bush posed in the Rose Garden to push NAFTA. they were the tip of the ioeberg based in a powerful organization of government and corporate elites.
The Federal Bureau of Intimidation
By Howard Zinn — 27
The FBI Is supposed to fight theft, murder, and clvil rights violations. But for decades, the supposed enforcer has often been the perpetrator.
Optimism for the ’90s
By Dave Dellinger — 32
Challenging the conventional wisdom that the movement for social change died with the ’60s. a veteran activist sees widespread resistance and discontent waiting to explode.
CIA Dope Calypso
By Allen Ginsberg — 37
CIA involvement in drug trafficking makes better poetry than policy. Reoent revelations that the Agency smuggled a ton of coke into the U.S. suggest we may soon need more verses.
Cold War Anti-Communism Redux
By William Blum — 38
Has propaganda disseminated by the evil empire warped your mind? And just what makes the U.S. so darn evil anyway? Take this test of red (pardon the expression)-blooded patriotism.
When the First is Last
By Mumia Abu-Jamal — 42
When prison censors render portions of the Bill of Rights inoperative, even the founding fathers can seem subversive. A U.S. political prisoner looks for the First Amendment.
IMF/World Bank: Devastation by Design
By Walden Bello, Shea Cunningham & Bill Rau — 44
If they have failed to help the Third World. why are they still around? Find the answer by asking another question: “Who benefits?”
The UN, the CIA, and Evergreen Air
By Jan Williams — 48
When CIA proprietaries demand favors. they find friends In the oddest places -such as in the UN where diplomats cut deals with the devil.
Bag of Dirty Tricks
By Louis Wolf — 53
The long legacy of Agency crimes ranges from petty harassment to mass murder.
Letters to the Editor — 65
Front Cover: photo Rick Reinhard. Gay/Lesbian march on Washington, l993
Back Cover: Matt Wuerker
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