PDF: 10th Anniversary Issue Best of Covert Action Information Bulletin (1989)

Nothing like some real history to show where we’ve been headed for the past 30-odd years and longer.   The fake news aspect of the “left/right” “fascist/antifa” “ISIS/NATO” “CNN/Fox” charade comes into stark relief with a little background.  But I’m sure all the kingdom’s “pharos” (“kings of denial”) will continue sucking the teat of the monster that we the clueless sheep over here have unleashed on the hapless peasants over there.   At least until the “milk” turns green and glows in the dark.

God help us all.

10th Anniversary Best of CAIB – Covert Action Information Bulletin

About This Issue

When we started CAIB in 1978, we never worried about how long the publication would last. Like the overall progressive struggle of which we were a part, we worked from day to day, scrambling as each issue was published to raise the funds to put out the next.

That, as our loyal readers know, has not changed. Nor have we always been on time, to say the least; but while we staggered, we never stopped. And, we think, the magazine has become steadily better, with broader coverage, more pages, better illustrations, more excellent outside authors, and continuing revelations and exposes.

It is typical of our plight that we publish this Tenth Anniversary Issue as we near the end of our eleventh year! Still, we hope that you, our readers, will enjoy this compendium of some of our most interesting and informative articles.

This “Best of…” issue unfortunately, contains only an edited sampling of our best articles. Space constraints made it necessary to leave out many others. We urge our readers who are interested in the larger scope of our work to order our back issues. You will get interesting and valuable information and, at the same time, help us financially.

Our next issue, at which we have been hard at work, will concentrate on the personalities and possibilities of the Bush administration.

Table of Contents

Who We Are      page 3

Eleven Year Perspective
by Philip Agee      page 4

The CIA in the U.S.

When Myths Lead to Murder
by Philip Agee      page 7

The Names of Agents Bill      page 10

Naming Names      page 14

The National Security Agency Exclusive Interview      page 15

Executive Order 12333      page 18

Accuracy in Media
by Louis Wolf      page 19

Robert K. Brown: Soldier of Fortune
by Ward Churchill      page 22

The Ordeal of Leonard Peltier
by William Kunstler      page 25
The CIA Abroad

Blueprint for Nicaragua
by Philip Agee      page 27

Guatemala’s Terrorist Government
by Allan Nairn      page 29

Massive Destabilization in Jamaica
by Ellen Ray and William Schaap      page 32

U.S. Crushes Caribbean Jewel
by Ellen Ray and William Schaap      page 34

New Spate of Terrorism
by William Schaap      page 37

The 1981 Cuban Dengue Epidemic
by William Schaap      page 39

Israeli Arms to Central America
by Clarence Lusane      page 40

Libya in U.S. Demonology
by Noam Chomsky       page 43

Vernon Walters: Crypto-diplomat and Terrorist
by Ellen Ray and William Schaap      page 47

CIA Puppet: Jonas Savimbi
by Louis Wolf      page 50

Mozambique Expeils CIA Operatives
by Ellen Ray      page 51

U.S.-South Africa Destabilization
by Sean Gervasi       page 53

U.S. Intelligence in Southeast Asia
by David Truong D.H.      page 56

by Carolyn Turbyfill      page 59

God is Phasing Out Democracy
by Fred Clarkson      page 60
The CIA and the Media

CIA Relations with Media      page 63

CIA Covert Propaganda
by Sean Gervasi       page 64

The Grocery Store Papers      page 66

The New York Times and Propaganda
by Edward Herman      page 67


And more generally:


PDF: Complete CAIB/CAQ Collection

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