Hillary Campaign: Satanic Spinmeisters Busy Deleting Evidence from Network

The more you dig for evidence that apparently existed only a few months ago the more you see the degree to which youtube and google are completely controlled by the satanic elite.   God knows what happened to the people who owned the sites and the videos which have disappeared.   Of course it’s not necessary to kill them outright, only drown their voices out in the phony cacaphony of flat earth BS and assorted other disinfo out there which is being marketed to the survivors of the american “education” and medical eugenics systems.   Time + money = social control.

So here’s a surviving video which shows convincing evidence that one of hillary’s televised campaign speeches in greensborough NC was greenscreened.  Unless of course she’s a vampire who doesn’t show up on iphone cameras, which I think is entirely plausible given the depth of the rabbit hole which I’m still trying to fathom.  I would be the first to admit that I don’t really know whether she’s a shape-shifting reptilian vampire quantum computer or not.  Or maybe she died years ago and was all animation to begin with.   How hard would it be to do?   Not very, given the virtually complete control the satanists have over the mass media and much of the internet.  And of course when you consider the financial and power motivations for electing a phantom for president, the return on investment would be hard to resist.

Those ignoramuses who still resist looking at what’s in front of them will soon no longer have to deal with cognitive dissonance.    The network is being sealed off from reality as you read this.   And the cacophony of random noise will be replaced by the cacophony of manipulated mobs demanding political uniformity in the name of “progress” and “human rights”, under penalty of death.   No kidding.  Look at history.   Ignorance, like stupidity, is its own reward.

Here’s another one, less convincing to me because I’m not sure whether digital artifacts of stationary objects would necessarily show the same ghosting as moving objects.   But anyway:

Regarding body doubles, see this:

Media Matters Chat Hacked, Run Like Military Psyop

We are in serious trouble folks.  The grip of the satanists hasn’t loosened one bit regardless of the numerous exposés on the net, as far as I can see.   All that’s happened is that the herd of true believers has gotten more militant in their ultimately self-imposed, fear-based ignorance.

It must have been very frustrating and scary for sane germans and  russians during their respective anti-revolutions, to see their countrymen (and women) lose their sanity and be puppetteered by invisible forces, presumably the same forces who virtually control this society in the present day.

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