GMO’s Revealed Video Series

Episode 2 of GMOs Revealed is now live and ready for you to watch.

Tonight you’ll hear more from Zach Bush, as he expands on the vital information you learned about in episode one…

Then, we will introduce you to Jeffery Smith.

Mr. Smith has spent years creating resources that inform the public about GMOs, including books and a documentary that outlines the risk.

He’ll share with you how big corporations and the government are abusing our trust by tampering with complex biological systems they don’t understand.

You’ll be BLOWN AWAY when you discover what type of “food safety” regulations the FDA approval process allows to pass.

Finally, you’ll meet Dr. Dan Pompa.

Autism. Leaky gut. Brain fog. Auto-immune disease…all of these are linked to the cell damage caused by GMOs.

Dr. Pompa will lay out disturbing facts about how GMOs cause changes in your body that can lead to the diseases we are seeing in epidemic proportions today, as well as the key to getting the toxic effects of GMOs out of our systems.

This is sobering information, and it’s vital to our health that we fully understand it.

But remember, each episode is only up for 24 hours starting at 9pm EST/6pm PST every day to view for free.

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