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Someone finally scanned in the entire texts of all the issues.   This is what the “deep state” has been doing behind our backs:

Back Issues

Number 1 (1978) Philip Agee on CIA; Cuban
exile trial; “Consumer research” in Jamaica.

Number 2 (1978) CIA recruits diplomats;
Researching CIA officers; Cuban double agent in
CIA; CIA North Carolina demolit. training base.

Number 3 (1979) CIA attacks CAIB; Top Secret
Army spy manual; CAIB CIA poster; CIA in
Mexico; Australia U.S. spy satellite base; John
Paisley mystery death.

Number 4 (1979) Spying on allies: Secret Italy
cable; CIA in Spain; CIA Africa recruiting; Angola;
Subversive academics in Southern Africa; CIA
and human rights; CIA firearms authority;
Intelligence budgets; In Search of Enemies.

Number 5 (1979) U.S. intelligence in SE Asia;
Chinese diverted Soviet weapons from Vietnam;
CIA in Denmark & Sweden; Grenada; AIFLD; CIA
officer and JFK assassination evidence theft.

Number 6 (1979) Caribbean; Cuban exile terror-
ists; CIA Nicaragua plans; CIA’s secret
“Perspectives for Intelligence”; U.S. helps
South Africa surveillance; CIA uses cockroaches.

Number 7 (1979-80) CIA and media:
Destabilization in Jamaica; Robert Moss; CIA
propaganda budget; UNITA – Savimbi in U.S.,
his secret letters; Iran; CIA uses pigeons.

Number 8 (1980) CIA vs. Philip Agee; Naming
Names legislation – CAIB statement before
Congress; Zimbabwe; Northern Ireland; CIA
Florida recruiting; CIA assassinations.

Number 9 (1990) Intel. Tech: NSA in Norway,
Glomar Explorer; Mind control; NSA; Jamaica;
Hmong in Guyana; South Africa forgery; Canada
bombing; CBW research; Intel, tech, politics.

Number 10 (1980) Caribbean: Jamaica,
Guyana, Grenada; Antigua; Dominica; Cuban
exiles; The Spike; CIA deep cover manual.

Number 11 (1980) Right-wing terror; S. Korea;
KCIA; Portugal; Guyana; Caribbean; AFIO; NSA
interview; CIA stamp; CIA assassinations.

Number 12 (1981) El Salvador; Guatemala; New
Right/U.S. intel.; Senate terrorism comm.; Wm.
Casey; Mozambique; Norway; mail surveillance.

Number 13 (1981) Secret South Africa docu-
ments; Namibia; Mercenaries; Ku Klux Klan
coup attempt; Globe Aero; Angola; Mozambique;
BOSS; Central America; Max Hugel; Stanley
Sporkin; Thomas Pauken; mail surveillance.

Number 14-15 (1981) Index to Numbers 1-12;
Intelligence legislation; Extended Naming
Names; Deep cover businessmen.

Number 16 (1982) Green Beret El Salvador tor-
ture; Argentine death squads; CIA media oper-
ations; Constantine Menges; Seychelles;
Angola; Mozambique; Ku Klux Klan coup
attempt; Nugan Hand; CIA germ warfare.

Number 17 (1982) CBW history; “Yellow rain”;
Cuban dengue epidemic; Scott Barnes in Laos;
Bangkok mystery death; Executive mercenaries;
CIA and academia; CIA assassinations.

Number 18 (1983) CIA & religion; Nicaragua
“Secret” war; Miskitos; Opus Dei; Guatemala; El
Salvador; Institute of Linguistics; World Medical
Relief; AID; CIA & BOSS; South African torture;
Vietnam; Suriname; “Free Lebanon”; Court &
NSA; Spying on Canada; Heritage Foundation.

Number 19 (1983) CIA and media history; “Plot”
on Pope; Grenada airport; NSA spies on Canadian
journalist; Georgie Anne Geyer; CIA legends.

Number 20 (1984) Grenada invasion; Nicaragua;
Ft. Huachuca; Israel and South Korea in Central
America; KAL Flight 007; CIA assassinations.

Number 21 (1984) Salvadoran election: NY
Times/Time/Newsweek distortions; Nicaragua,-
Israel in Central America; Accuracy in Media;
Rev. Moon; CIA occult research.

Number 22 (1984) Mercenaries; Terrorism;
Soldier of Fortune; CAIB Special Forces investi-
gation; Privatizing Nicaragua war; CIA terror
manual; Secret GAO DoD/CIA Honduras report;
U.S. -South African terror; Stefano Delle Chiaie.

Number 23 (1985) Pope Plot/Bulg. Connection;
Claire Sterling; CIA, Turk. & Ital. neofascists.

Number 24 (1985) State repression; Infiltrators
and provocateurs; Sanctuary movement,
American Indian Movement; Leonard Peltier;
NASSCO strike; Arnaud de Borchgrave and Rev.
Moon; Robert Moss; Tetra Tech.

Number 25 (1986) U.S., Nazis, Vatican; Klaus
Barbie’s Bolivian coup; Nazi doctors in U.S.;
Brazil torture; Knights of Malta; Greek civil
war/Eleni; WACL supplies contras.

Number 26 (1986) U.S. terror; Vernon Walters;
Libya bombing; Contra agents; Israel & South
Africa; Jon. Pollard; CIA & Costa Rica; Duarte;
Nicaragua; Greece; Index to Nos. 13-25.

Number 27 (1987) Religious Right: Nuclear war
theology; Christian underground; Fatima;
Religious Right and Blacks; NY Times/Pope plot;
Samora Machel; Carlucci; Southern Air Transport;
Iran-Contra documents; Michael Ledeen.

Number 28 (1987) CIA, drugs, secret wars: S.E. Asia,
Afghanistan, Central America, Nugan Hand; MKUL-
TRA/Canada; Delta Force; AIDS and CBW.

Number 29 (1988) Pacific: Philippines, Fiji,
New Zealand, Belau, Kanaky, Vanuatu, Maori in
Hawaii; atom testing; media on Nicaragua;
Reader’s Digest; CIA in Cuba; Tibet; FBI-CIA
surveils Gorbachev; Philip Agee on Veil; AIDS.

Number 30 (1988) Middle East: Intifada, Israeli
arms sales, chemical & nuclear warfare, Israel in
Africa & Central America; Disinformation & Libya;
CIA’s William Buckley; Afghan contra lobby.

Number 31 (1989) Domestic surveillance: FBI,
CIA on campus; Office of Public Diplomacy;
Geronimo Pratt; Lexington prison; Puerto Rico;
Inti. Freedom Foundation; Disinformation.

Number 32 (1989) Tenth Anniversary Issue:
Best of CAIB. 27 condensed articles: Naming
Names; CIA and NSA at home, abroad, in the
media; Philip Agee.

Number 33 (1990) Bush Issue: CIA Bush agents,
secret team; Terrorism Task Force; Reagan’s CIA;
Skull and Bones; NED in Nicaragua; El Salvador
election; Chile; Cuba; Republicans and Nazis;
Rise of national security state.

Number 34 (1990) Panama invasion; Noriega-
CIA; South African death squads; FBI-CIA and
Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination; NED in
Nicaragua; U.S. and Pol Pot; Philippines,-
Operation CHAOS; Taiwan’s agents; Council for
National Policy.

Number 35 (1990) Changes in Eastern Europe;
Reinhard Gehlen; Destabilization of USSR;
NED in Lithuania; Balkan nationalists; Free
Congress Foundation; Cuba; Iran-Contra; 1965
Indonesia massacres; CIA banking.

Number 36 (1991) Racism and national securi-
ty; FBI vs. Arab-Americans and Black officials;
Chad, Uganda, South Africa, Angola,
Mozambique, Zaire; Haiti; Panama; Gulf War;
COINTELPRO “art”; National security humor.

Number 37 (1991) Gulf War: Media; CIA Iraq
broadcasting; U.S. trading with enemy; UN;
Nuclear war evangelicals; Domestic costs;
North Korea next?; Libya; Iran; Illegal arms
deals; Georgie Anne Geyer; Journalists and CIA.

Number 38 (1991) DoD-CIA foreign/U.S. stu-
dent recruitment; Rochester Institute of
Technology; Harvard; Militarism in academia
resources; Judi Bari; Arif Durrani; Rev. Moon
and academia; Targeting environmentalists,-
ClABase review.

Number 39 (1991-92) “Good” agencies: NED;
Peace Corps; USAID/AIDS; US! A; National
Cancer Institute/biowarfare; World Bank;
Population control; Danny Casolaro,- FBI &
Supreme Court; Robert Gates; USSR destabiliza-
tion,- BCCI.

Number 40 (1992) Native American struggle his-
tory; Toxic dumps; Leonard Peltier; Hollywood’s
racism; Guatemala; Rigoberta Menchu inter-
view; Pol Pot returns; East Timor massacre; U.S.
in Pacific, GATT; David Duke in India.

Number 41 (1992) Next enemies; LA Uprising;
Nuclear threats,- Bush and CIA; Bush family
preys together; UN: U.S. Tool; Eqbal Ahmad;
Nuclear proliferation; Environmentalist
attacked; Dissent as subversion.

Number 42 (1992) Phil Agee on CIA; Peru;
Fluoride; VP Bush & CIA; Nicaragua; Special
Ops.; Drug war; CIA vs. Hen. Gonzalez; Bush
inaugural speech leak; Moon buys university.

Number 43 (1992-93) Chemical and biological
warfare: Zimbabwe, South Africa, anthrax; Gulf
War Syndrome; Agent Orange; Scientific racism;
“Yellow Rain’TWall Street Journal; Yugoslavia
destabilization; Religious Right; Somalia.

Number 44 (1993) Public Relations: Hill &
Knowlton, Burson-Marsteller; Clinton Cabinet;
Somalia; Rio Summit; BCCI-CIA; Clinton
National Security Act; Religious Right’s anti-
gay plans.

Number 45 (1993) South African Right global
links; Chris Hani assassination; German Neo-
Nazis; HIV Haitians; Russia; ADL spying list;
Pelican Bay prison; Ireland’s youth; Police vs.
black youth; Angola profiteers; Benjamin Chavis.

Number 46 (1993) Economic intelligence;
CIA’s assassination record; Israel and the
bomb; NSA Clipper Chip; School of Americas,-
Ex-adviser on El Salvador; Private prisons,-
Delta death row; Savannah River; France’s
Groupe Bull; CIA banking.

Number 47 (1993-94) FBI vs. Judi Bari;
Russian coup; Rocky Flats; NAFTA; Howard
Zinn on FBI; Dave Dellinger on 90s; Cold War
quiz; Allen Ginsberg on CIA; Mumia Abu-Jamal;
World Bank/IMF; Evergreen Air.

Number 48 (1994) Chiapas uprising; CIA and
NAFTA; Haiti; Iran-Contra Report; L.A.-8;
Mercenaries in Azerbaijan -, Council for National
Policy; Guatemala and drugs; Reader survey.

Number 49 (1994) Montesinos and Fujimori;
Sudan; Operation Gladio; Human atom testing;
Armenia and Azerbaijan; South Africa’s left; El
Salvador death squads.

Number 50 (1994) Operation Condor; Clinton
crime bill; Liberty lobby; Monfort meatpackers;
Low intensity Democracy; NRO & intel. budget.

Number 51 (1994-95) U.S. in Haiti; Canadian
intelligence abets Neo-Nazis; Brookhaven and
cancer; Bulgaria; Population,- Women’s asylum
rights; CIA budget; Paramilitary vacations;
Bud McFarlane.

Number 52 (1995) Rwanda,- Proposition 187;
Militia movement; Neo-Nazis and anti-abortion,-
Groom Lake; Wall Street vs. Mexico; Human
radiation; Corporations fund research; NSA in
cyberspace; Far Right/spies internet resources;
Union Carbide’s Warren Anderson.

Number 53 (1995) Gulf War Syndrome; Militias
and the military; Frank Donner; Arab bashing;
Hiroshima: Cold War bomb; Iraqi embargo;
Guatemala; Bhopal; Secret FISA court;
Antiterrorism Act; Fourth Amendment mugged.

Number 54 (1995) Noam Chomsky on corpo-
ratepropaganda; Bosnia; Kurdistan; Sasakawa
obit; NAFTA layoffs; Prison labor; AFL-CIO in
Russia; Private security guards; Walter Reuther.

Number 55 (1996) Police vs. citizen review;
Corporate assault on FDA; PR industry vs.
activists; Colin Powell; UN at 50/Fidel Castro;
Economic intelligence; Spain’s dirty war; East
Timor – Britain Arms Indonesia; Bosnia.

Number 56 (1996) Noam Chomsky; High-tech
surveillance; Militarizing the border; Pepper
gas; Guyana; Yugoslavia; Russian nationalism;
U.S. and Korea; La Belle bombing.

Number 57 (1996) Racism in the ranks; White
collar crime; Common Law courts; INS deten-
tion centers; Buying Russian elections; Noam
Chomsky on Haiti; U.S.-lsrael; Anonymous
remailers; Nuclear proliferation in space.

Number 58 (1996) Pilger on Burma; Estrogen &
endocrine; Crime & capital globalization;
“Counter-Terrorism” documents; Church burn-
ings; AID & environment; Brookhaven; AIDS.

Number 59 (1996-97) Surveillance: ECHELON;
NSA’s business plan; NIMA; Spooks in the
internet; Canadian spies; Privatizing welfare;
Mexico and SOA; Afghanistan; CIA and drugs.

Number 60 (1997) Cassini plutonium missing;
Japan and Peru; MRTA; Prison labor;
Unionbusting; Universities and business;
Colombia; Sudan; FBI-CIA teamwork.

Number 61 (1997) Turkey’s state killers;
Privatizing Hanford; Spying on activists; U.S.
torture manuals; Arming Mexico’s drug war;
NSA, Russia and Dudayev; NATO moves East;
Spooks in Congress.

Number 62 (1997) U.S. and Pol Pot;
Paramilitary policing; Selling SWAT; Mercenary
armies and minerals; Mad Cow disease; Free
radio; Che and the CIA; Visit to CIA; Vaclav Havel.

Number 63 (1997) Right-wing think tanks;
South African torture; chemical-biological war-
fare; NSA’s Crypto AG; Promise Keepers.

Number 64 (1998) Vietnam; Iraq sanctions;
Political control technology; Jihad; Pinochet;
Drug war fungus; Burma-Singapore heroin trade.

Number 65 (1998) Philip Agee, Ramsey Clark;
Mumia Abu-Jamal; Serb demonization; Bosnia
TV disinformation; Media evasions; NGOs in
Latin America; Russian reform”; War on Cuba;
Assata Shakur; Ron Ridenhour; CIA vs. Daniel
Tsang; CIA mistaken identities

Number 66 (1998-99) Pinochet; Palestinian
Authority; Tomahawks; Sudan; Pentagon bucks;
PanAm 103; Laurent Kabila interview; Algeria;
Richard Holbrooke; NATO; Izetbegovitch; FBI’s
D.C. “espionage” trial.

Number 67 (1999) Mumia Abu-Jamal; NATO
bombing and “Greater Albania”; Humanitarian
intervention in Kosovo; Roma people; William
Walker; Richard Holbrooke; Ocalan; Police mil-
itarization; Tupac Shakur; CIA and labor; CIA
drug smuggling; Leonard Peltier.

Number 68 (1999) East Timor; Colombia;
Panama; Cuba vs. U.S.; Serbia; NATO in
Kosovo; KLA and drugs; MPRI; Urban Warrior;
Homeland defense; Poverty globalization.

Number 69 (2000) Congo; Chechnya; Colombia;
Ecuador; Iraqi oil; Depleted uranium;
Yugoslavia; India; Cyprus; Bosnia-Herzegovina;
Seattle/WTO; “Emergency management;”
Hunger politics; Global water; Climate; Prison-
industrial complex; Military civil disturbance
planning; CIA and Cold War.

Number 70 (2001) Bush and environment;
Mullah Aid; Dick Held; Non-lethal weapons;
Summit of the Americas; Israeli Nukes;
Kissinger; Star Wars; Yugoslavia; Antonin Scalia;
Bush and Blair; Rep. Rob Simmons; 10 Worst
Corporations; Statement by Leonard Peltier.

Number 71 (2001) Depleted uranium; Political
Islam; Plan Puebla-Panama; USA Patriot Act;
War Criminals; Israel and Hamas; Palestinian
right of return; Domestic Anthrax; Plan Colombia;
CIA visa machine; DoD vs. environment.

Number 72 (2002) Police violence; ISI, CIA &
Taliban; Palestine; Venezuela plotting & coup;
Earl Silbert & Enron; U.S. Designs on Iraq;
Argentina bankrupted; Attack on Indian
Parliament; Global rollback; Elie Hobeika.

Number 73 (2002) Torture; Jenin and Amnesty
International; Academia & CIA; Pakistan; 50
Years of Coups-lran to Venezuela; Plutonium in
Space; U’wa vs. Occidental; Why Nato?

Number 74 (2002) Jenin and Human Rights
Watch; George Soros stage-managing imperial-
ism; Religious fascists and the CIA in Bosnia;
End of Posse Comitatus; Brown & Root; James
Petras on Argentina; Rwanda injustice; Revving
up Bush’s war machine; Smashing the Kurds.

Number 75 (2003) Homeland Security Phoenix-
Style; Space-Based Imperialism; First Nations
Fight Back; Tobacco Smokescreen; Denver
Police Files; Victory For Judi Bari; Bhopal;
Presidential Deceits; When Will Bush Fall?

Number 76 (2004) Edward Said Presente;
Haiti’s Murderous Army Reborn; “Gene
Bombs”; Guantanamo Detainees; Racist
War/Media on Iraq; IBM and Apartheid;
Racism, Sexism, Millitarism and John Kerry;
World Social Forum, India.

Number 77 Million Worker March; Israel-U.S.
Connections Against Iraq; Sabotage in North
Korea; The Bombing of PanAm 103 and Libya;
Genocide in Chiapas; An Analysis of Hate Crime
Report; A Kathy Kelly Diary.


Why Richard Clarke’s “apology” is misleading. He is not talking about and the National
Commission on 9/1 1 is not looking at the following:

• Carter administration – CIA – Islamists of Afghanistan

• Carter administration – CIA – Islamists of Iran

• al-Qaeda — Saudi — CIA — Reagan administration collaborations in Afghanistan and Sudan

• al-Qaeda — Saudi — CIA — Bush I administration collaborations in Afghanistan and Sudan

• al-Qaeda — CIA — Clinton administration collaborations in Albania, Algeria, Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq, Libya, Sudan.
For a comprehensive reading on the subjects mentioned above, please refer to our back issues list, pp. 47-8.

PDF: Complete CAIB/CAQ Collection

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