Corporatocracy Pushing for Complete Dependence on Corporate Government

Is anyone paying attention?   When corporations control the government, there is no difference between socialism and fascism.   Government is just another corporation with a slightly different business model. You can see this most clearly when you realize that the need for people to be on welfare at all is a predictable consequence of the wholesale theft going on at every level of government and government “regulated” finance.

Economic autonomy is the essential foundation of freedom, because dependency is eventually used as leverage to enforce slavery. It’s an inevitable consequence of the organic nature of spontaneous corruption in large socioeconomic systems.  That’s why the satanic hierarchy wages war on all forms of local economic activity from raw milk to lemonade stands.   The idea is economic and food centralization to maximize the “cut” at the top of the pyramid.   Limited and structurally “hobbled” government is the revolutionary genius of the american system.   Or it would be, if that system was in operation.

The same bankster/military/corporate government which has stolen its way into mass impoverishment of the people now hopes to complete its colonization of the public mind by posing as benefactor.   But all this will do is create armies of economically controlled foot soldiers who are used to enforce injustice under the cloak of legality.   What do you think has been happening in guatemala for decades?   When physical survival requires subservience to the system, it’s very easy to recruit death squads from the general population to enforce that very system.

Media now pushing claims that being unemployed is healthier than holding down a “stressful” job … all part of the push toward “basic monthly income” welfare

In recent years progressives have been pushing the concept of a “universal basic income” — that is, a monthly stipend from the government that would replace actual employment. The idea is that everyone would be taken care of, no one would go without, and income equality would finally be achieved.

What they never tell you, however, is that a basic income is just welfare by another name. Also, when you essentially pay people to do nothing, that’s exactly what society gets in return: Nothing. Like every other government (taxpayer) program, cradle-to-grave welfare breeds irresponsibility, saps initiative and drive, destroys any sense of self-worth and more importantly, permanently limits a person’s lifetime earning ability.

It also puts every single person under further control of the government: After all, if you literally depend on government for your livelihood, what’s to stop that government from imposing whatever tyrannical rule it wishes to impose? Anyone who resists will be cut off and left to fend for themselves, which will become increasingly harder to do. (Related: America has turned into a handout nation, record 236 million people collecting some form of assistance from the Government.)

And there is this: Who decides how much the “basic income” will be? What will be the criteria? Where will the money come from? …

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