Book: Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill For Islam

The west’s taxpayer funded kindling of islamic fury via decades of blatantly criminal  human rights violations and war crimes masquerading as foreign policies, which have yet to be prosecuted (should rumsfeld and cheney be punished under sharia law?) has given rise to armies of traumatized pawns which are being imported as a tool of conquest of the west by the satanic bankster elite.   See:

I haven’t read this book but it seems topical:

Why are most of the terrorists in the West drawn from the small percentage of our population who are Muslims? This book makes it perfectly clear that Islam is a religion of war and conquest, and that this is precisely how Islam was viewed in the West, right up until thousands of innocent Americans were wiped out on 9/11. The book shows how, since year 1 of the Islamic calendar, Jihad has been the fundamental component leading to Islam’s success. And the book proves that this account of Islam was known by the educated elite across the West for centuries. We prove that “Islam is a Religion of Peace” is The Grand Lie of the 21st century, a form of Holocaust Denial refusing to recognize the endless slaughter of non-Muslims by Muslims.
In addition to the 100 page Introduction showing how in just 20 years the lies of the elite have turned the notion of Islam upside-down, the book contains an entire Koran, decrypted by placing the parts of the Koran into chronological order – thus demonstrating that Islam was a failure until Mohammed started to make killing unbelievers an act of worship within Islam. Within minutes of looking at our presentation of the Koran you will understand why so much terrorism comes from the small minority who are Muslims. Moreover, you will understand why many other Muslims are not taking an active role in the vanguard of Jihadi terrorism. You will see laid bare the Koran’s obsession with non-Muslims and Islam’s obsession with wiping out any belief system that is not Islamic.

The problem with Islamic terrorism gets worse by the year. Politicians, clergy, teachers are lying to you and your children. They are working to enable the violent Islamic takeover of the West. When the state and the professional classes are aligned with Islam, you owe it to your family to learn the true scale of the problem.

McLoughlin spent many years researching at a post-graduate level and in teaching in British universities. He saw how cultural marxism and political correctness were becoming endemic, and decided that not only was this a toxic environment, but that no work of any lasting value could be produced in such an environment.

After he left academia for business, McLoughlin had no desire to become a writer. Until he could no longer ignore the disaster of cultural marxism and political correctness spreading into wider society. European civilisation is on the verge of collapse and, on present demographic trends, by the end of the twenty-first century over two thousand years of culture will be replaced by the lifestyle of a desert tribe. Seeing this, He could not keep quiet, but felt compelled to write books on those topics which are vital if Europe has any chance of waking up before it is too late.

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