Google implementing censorship of non-establishment web content

Evidence of Google blacklisting of left and progressive sites continues to mount

A growing number of leading left-wing websites have confirmed that their search traffic from Google has plunged in recent months, adding to evidence that Google, under the cover of a fraudulent campaign against fake news, is implementing a program of systematic and widespread censorship.

Truthout, a not-for-profit news website that focuses on political, social, and ecological developments from a left progressive standpoint, had its readership plunge by 35 percent since April. The Real News , a nonprofit video news and documentary service, has had its search traffic fall by 37 percent. Another site, Common Dreams , last week told the WSWS that its search traffic had fallen by up to 50 percent.

As extreme as these sudden drops in search traffic are, they do not equal the nearly 70 percent drop in traffic from Google seen by the WSWS.

“This is political censorship of the worst sort; it’s just an excuse to suppress political viewpoints,” said Robert Epstein, a former editor in chief of Psychology Today and noted expert on Google. …

Google Censors Block Access to CounterPunch and Other Progressive Sites

The U.S. government, and the information technology companies which collaborate with it, is moving fully into the camp of governments which relentlessly utilize the internet to collect users online data, monitor their activities, and control what they can see and do.

First, there was – and is – the NSA, National Security Agency of the U.S., which collects the emails, phone records, social media data, and more from millions of U.S. citizens and the people of the world. Software companies like Google cooperated silently by providing NSA access to its users until Edward Snowden made this odious system public.

Now Google, at the behest of its friends in Washington, is actively censoring – essentially blocking access to – any websites which seek to warn American workers of the ongoing effort to further attack their incomes, social services, and life conditions by the U.S. central government, and which seek to warn against the impending warfare between U.S.-led Nato and other forces against countries like Iran, Russia, and China, which have in no way threatened the U.S. state or its people. …

YouTube Will Censor Non-Rulebreaking Content, Manipulate Search Results, And Work With ADL

Content creators on YouTube who follow all of the site’s rules may still face censorship by the platform, under new plans announced by Google.

According to a post on YouTube’s official blog, videos will now be subject to the rule of the mob. If enough users flag a video as “hate speech” or “violent extremism,” YouTube may impose restrictions on the content even if it breaks none of the platform’s rules.

We’ll soon be applying tougher treatment to videos that aren’t illegal but have been flagged by users as potential violations of our policies on hate speech and violent extremism. If we find that these videos don’t violate our policies but contain controversial religious or supremacist content, they will be placed in a limited state. The videos will remain on YouTube behind an interstitial, won’t be recommended, won’t be monetized, and won’t have key features including comments, suggested videos, and likes.

YouTube has also rolled out a “trusted flagger” program, in which 15 “expert NGOs and institutions” to help them identify hate speech and extremism on their platform.

Among these organizations are the No Hate Speech Movement, a left-wing project pushed by the Council of Europe, as well as the Anti-Defamation League, an organization whose president has been accused of “manufacturing outrage” by the World Jewish Congress.

YouTube is also planning to artificially alter its search results so that searches for “sensitive” topics on YouTube no longer return the most popular videos, but a “playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages.” …

Google Admits To Censoring Infowars, Claims It Will Stop

Google is backing down and has blamed a vendor for wrongfully telling its staff to rank InfoWars as low-quality content, Business Insider reported Monday.

The vendor, hired by Google, uses contractors to rate the quality of websites in order to aid the search engine’s algorithm. Leaked photos showing the vendor targeting an Infowars article were originally posted online this week by independent journalist Mike Cernovich.

Google told Business Insider that it does not order “quality raters” to target specific sites but instead gives “general rules” on how to shape the algorithm.

“Google’s spokesperson distanced the company from the contractor’s instructions, telling Business Insider that it does not instruct quality raters how to grade specific websites, but gives general rules to get unbiased feedback to improve the algorithm,” the article states.

In an official statement, Google said the specific mention of Infowars was removed from the vendor’s training module.

“In this instance, we have confirmed that a vendor we work with sent out more detailed instructions to some raters without our knowledge, which included references to specific sites,” the spokesperson said. “This is in conflict with the intent of our guidelines and the vendor has taken action to remove these references in their training module.”…

It was never about left vs right, which are just tools of divide and conquer anyway.   It’s about freedom vs slavery.   The corporate state against the people.  The satanists against humanity.

If you’re on board with mass murder, torture, pedophilia, human trafficking and wholesale theft, you have nothing to worry about.  There’s a place for you in google’s idea of utopia.   Just keep your head down and follow orders and be thankful you’re not a child growing up in the middle of this impending nightmare. might be unbiased and it might be trustable with privacy, but if it ever becomes a publicly traded company will be just a matter of time before they’re corrupted too.  For that matter, it might fall to the pedophile blackmail network. is also a decent search engine but they’re on the nasdaq.   Who knows who owns it?

Clearly, we need a new search engine paradigm, a distributed engine.

Hillary Campaign: Satanic Spinmeisters Busy Deleting Evidence from Network

The more you dig for evidence that apparently existed only a few months ago the more you see the degree to which youtube and google are completely controlled by the satanic elite.   God knows what happened to the people who owned the sites and the videos which have disappeared.   Of course it’s not necessary to kill them outright, only drown their voices out in the phony cacaphony of flat earth BS and assorted other disinfo out there which is being marketed to the survivors of the american “education” and medical eugenics systems.   Time + money = social control.

So here’s a surviving video which shows convincing evidence that one of hillary’s televised campaign speeches in greensborough NC was greenscreened.  Unless of course she’s a vampire who doesn’t show up on iphone cameras, which I think is entirely plausible given the depth of the rabbit hole which I’m still trying to fathom.  I would be the first to admit that I don’t really know whether she’s a shape-shifting reptilian vampire quantum computer or not.  Or maybe she died years ago and was all animation to begin with.   How hard would it be to do?   Not very, given the virtually complete control the satanists have over the mass media and much of the internet.  And of course when you consider the financial and power motivations for electing a phantom for president, the return on investment would be hard to resist.

Those ignoramuses who still resist looking at what’s in front of them will soon no longer have to deal with cognitive dissonance.    The network is being sealed off from reality as you read this.   And the cacophony of random noise will be replaced by the cacophony of manipulated mobs demanding political uniformity in the name of “progress” and “human rights”, under penalty of death.   No kidding.  Look at history.   Ignorance, like stupidity, is its own reward.

Here’s another one, less convincing to me because I’m not sure whether digital artifacts of stationary objects would necessarily show the same ghosting as moving objects.   But anyway:

Regarding body doubles, see this:

Media Matters Chat Hacked, Run Like Military Psyop

We are in serious trouble folks.  The grip of the satanists hasn’t loosened one bit regardless of the numerous exposés on the net, as far as I can see.   All that’s happened is that the herd of true believers has gotten more militant in their ultimately self-imposed, fear-based ignorance.

It must have been very frustrating and scary for sane germans and  russians during their respective anti-revolutions, to see their countrymen (and women) lose their sanity and be puppetteered by invisible forces, presumably the same forces who virtually control this society in the present day.