Vaccines: Crazy Mixed Up Mom Questions Her Programming

In a few years she and her kids will all be locked in mental wards for reprogramming.   Cuz lucifer LOVES you.   What, you don’t trust a multi-billion  dollar industry that has bought itself legal immunity from vaccine damages?   How much do you think it cost them to buy that many members of congress?  And the president to boot!   And the media too for crissakes.   That’s why most of the public has never even HEARD of vaccine courts or the taxpayer funded vaccine injury compensation program.    And American medicine, of course, was the easiest to buy.  How much do you think that kind of impunity costs?  Probably  not as much as you’d think.  Corruption, like everything else, is cheaper wholesale.

She actually cares enough that she set up a web site to help other parents question their programming.   Very dangerous.   Much safer to close your eyes and trust your government.  There’s safety in numbers ya no.   And you can always have more kids if this one doesn’t work out.

Vaccine Education

Just Getcher Damn Vaccine

Uh oh, looks like we have an epidemic on our hands:

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