Covert Action Information Bulletin Compilation Available

CAIB (later named “Covert Action Quarterly”) was a well-sourced investigative journal which stopped publishing in the 1990’s.  For me, it was a perfectly horrific introduction to the real government.   More than anything else, CAIB made it easy for me to believe that satanists really are in charge of the USA.  The lead editor BTW testified at the Martin Luther King assassination conspiracy trial, in which a jury found that MLK had been murdered by a conspiracy involving local, state and federal agents, a minor historical footnote quickly forgotten by our bad joke of a “free press” ( ).  Not for the faint of heart.  Get this partial collection of articles before it’s banned if you want to know how much trouble we are in.

Covert Action: The Roots of Terrorism

“These essays could hardly be more timely, or more informative, and cannot be ignored by those who hope to gain a serious understanding of what is unfolding today.”—Noam Chomsky

This book includes some of the best investigative journalism from the authoritative Covert Action Quarterly magazine. The editors present a comprehensive examination of U.S. interventions from Africa, Central America, Panama and Kosovo to Iraq and Afghanistan, offering an essential background to the “war against terrorism” today.

Ellen Ray and William H. Schaap were founding editors of Covert Action Quarterly, the multiple award winner of “Project Censored” prizes for its decades of groundbreaking reporting on intelligence matters.



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