The Toxic Zionist Influence on the Left

Beginning today, June 2, the Left Forum (formerly the Socialist Scholars’ Conference), will conduct a three-day event featuring panel discussions on all manner of topics. As the organization states on its website: “Continuing a tradition begun in the 1960s, we bring together intellectuals and organizers to share perspectives, strategies, experience and vision.”

Unfortunately, this year the board, or at least a majority of the board, of the Left Forum has caved in to pressure from a Zionist individual and a group in Germany to cancel panels that include two individuals whom these critics condemn as being “anti-Semitic” or “holocaust deniers.” All four of the cancelled panels were part of a group of five panels organized to discuss issues involving the so-called Deep State and its impact on US and global affairs. The two individuals who were the target of the complaints are Islamic studies scholar and Veterans Today editor Kevin Barrett, and Anthony Hall, a tenured professor of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, whose position was attacked by the Canadian B’nai B’rith organization.

According to the organizers of the banned panels, the first decision to ban three of the five planned Deep State events was announced by the LF board on May 8, in a brief email message that offered no explanation for the decision, and that was reached without first offering either the panel organizers or the individuals defamed a chance to respond to the unacknowledged charges. Here’s the note that was sent out by the board on May 8 (less than four weeks before the start of the Left Forum event):

Unfortunately, we are writing to inform you that your panels
A) Panel Title: 9/11 Truth: Ground Zero for a Resistance Movement
B) Panel Title: False Flags: Staged, Scripted, Mass Psy-Op Events
C) Panel Title: “Terrorism”: Fake Enemies, Fraudulent Wars
have not been selected as a part of this year’s Left Forum program. We do not take for granted the time and effort organizers put in to the proposal process and understand that this news may come as a disappointment.
We do however want to express our appreciation for your interest in making a programmatic-contribution to the 2017 conference.

We wish you all the best with your work and in the future.
Registration fees already made for speakers can be refunded.

Thank you very much….

Thus the “left” or whatever you want to call it, is faced with a choice of investigating so-called “conspiracy theories” and being branded anti-semitic (basically a passport to exile from respectable discourse), or stay in the herd and shut down their higher brain functions.

Does anyone wonder why pointing out the arithmetic proof that banking is organized crime or that israeli mossad agents had foreknowledge of 9/11 automatically brands you as antisemitic and puts you on the blacklist of intelligence and psyop operations like the brainwashington compost or the southern poverty law center?  (I love that name, don’t you?  The luciferians are very good at disguises).   Luciferians are also adept at disguising themselves with muslim, left, right, gay, straight, national security or human rights activist masks.  But there’s always one thing to look for which is a dead giveaway: they’re statists.  And the establishment left is definitely controlled by statists (zionists specifically, the same as neocons).   That’s why they censor 9/11 facts and fully support the USA’s wars of murder and conquest in the mideast, by collectively accepting the transparently bogus rationalization for it.   That’s why the peace movement has been all but shut down on the left by “opinion leaders” like noam chomsky and amy goodman.  In this orwellian culture, leftist is just another term for fascist.

Quite obviously, 9/11 was primarily an american operation with both israeli and saudi arabian operatives involved.   Totally luciferian, in other words.   Luciferians aren’t stupid enough to be racist, their grasp of propaganda enables them to see through such divisive control techniques.   They hate everyone with equal venom.

“Our purpose was to document the event”

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