Satanic EPA Allows Widespread Contamination of US Drinking Water with Hexavalent Chromium

An Environmental Working Group review of government water analysis data reveals that 75% of drinking water in America is contaminated with cancer-causing hexavalent chromium (also known as chromium-6). In a widely publicized report, EWG warns that 200 million Americans are right now being exposed to this toxic chemical in their water.

This is on top of our own efforts at where my lab tested hundreds of municipal water samples from across the country and found high levels of lead and other heavy metals in 6.7% of samples….

America’s infrastructure collapsing into Third World status

As Donald Trump said recently at a rally in Michigan, we used to make cars in Flint and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now the cars are being made in Mexico, and you can’t drink the water in Flint. Nor can you safely drink public water almost anywhere in America, as it’s almost universally contaminated with chromium-6, heavy metals or other toxic chemicals.

This doesn’t even cover the deliberate poisoning of public water systems with fluoride, a neurotoxic chemical purchased in bulk from Chinese chemical plants (or sometimes acquired as a waste product from fertilizer manufacturing factories). Fluoride is dumped into public water supplies under the quack science claim that every person in the nation is deficient in fluoride — a blatantly false and highly irresponsible claim. In reality, many children suffer from fluorosis, a dark mottling and discoloration of the teeth caused by too much exposure to toxic fluoride….

What’s astonishing in all this is just how quickly America’s infrastructure is collapsing into “Third World” status under the rule of a corrupt political establishment. The education system has become nothing more than a propaganda indoctrination system; the food supply is inundated with unlabeled GMOs and toxic herbicides like glyphosate; and now the water is too toxic to drink almost everywhere….

We just need to VOTE HARDER next time.   Carry the protest signs higher!  Shout louder!  Yeah, that’s it.  Just keep doing what used to work, sometimes, maybe 100 years ago.   Either that or look at the source of the problem: banks create money out of nothing and invest it how they see fit.  The entire economy is a scam, a pyramid scheme, a mathematically preordained recipe for tyranny and mass murder.  And it’s controlled by satanists who have a very long history of imposing tyranny and mass murder wherever they gain control.  The problem is more systemic and fundamental than politics.   It’s at the level of the nature and meaning of money itself.

Where to go from there?  Monetary reform and nothing less:    Friends don’t let friends remain ignorant of this crucial life or death issue.

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