Real Environmental Catastrophes Ignored by the AGW Crowd

Can there be any doubt that the media agenda is the luciferian agenda?   Quite obviously, if you want to know what the “deep state” wants you to believe, go to the obvious sources: the new york times, the brainwashington compost, CNN, MSNBC, AP, UPI, reuters etc.  That’s not to say there isn’t an occasional gem to be found in the garbage heap, but that’s only to maintain some shred of credibility with their demographic (i.e. “liberal”, “conservative”, “libertarian” etc).   They all market the same satanic agenda, but camouflaged in different cultural garb.  They are not in the business of news, they’re in the business of pumping out propaganda on behalf of the highest bidder, which often isn’t even a US corporation or  the US government or even an advertiser on the network.  The complex web of ownership and cross-directorships among the various corporate owners of various media outlets gives a good idea of their business interests.   The MSM is ALWAYS pro-status-quo, no matter that status quo is, simply because that’s how they stay in business.   This is why we have a pro-false-flag, pro-child-trafficking, pro-torture, pro-death-squad media,  because these things are official but unspoken corporate government policy.   This is not new by any means.  It’s been this way for decades, it’s just getting more obvious to the sheep.

But at this point the media masters are getting so desperate to keep the agenda going in the face of mass public alienation that they’ll run almost anything (such has hillary for prez) even if it means losing viewers, which is happening anyway.   It’s a race down to the wire to form a new world order at the same time that their power is slipping through their fingers.

Anyway, the satanic nature of western leadership is perhaps most blatantly obvious in its hatred of life itself, as evidenced through its orifices’ censorship of real, horrific and ongoing environmental catastrophes all around us while pushing “anthropogenic global warming”.   Obviously AGW doesn’t signify a sudden conversion to environmentalism among our satanic masters.   AGW is not about environmentalism at all, it’s not even about science (the causal connection between temperature and CO2 is reversed under AGW).  It’s about manufacturing the PR rationale for the economic, political and taxation infrastructure needed to implement global government and global depopulation through selective deindustrialisation.  The pollution catastrophe is just an added benefit.

The satanic agenda is all around us, hidden in plain view.

The art of climate fear mongering is rooted in the ability to terrorize the population over threats that hardly matter at all while completely ignoring the REAL threats to our global ecosystem.

Isn’t it interesting how people who shudder in fear over President Trump pulling out of the Paris climate treaty say nothing about Fukushima radiation and the mass pollution of the Pacific Ocean with radionuclides?

Here, I’ve created a short list of ten REAL threats to the environment that are largely ignored by climate change advocates, even when they pose an immediate and serious risk to life on our planet. The next time a climate change cultist berates you and claims you must stop driving you car because the oceans might rise a few inches by the year 2100, remind them that the things listed below are killing life across our planet right NOW.

Where is the media alarm over all these threats to life? It’s practically non-existent. …

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