New Netflix Series on Old Catholic Church Pedophilia/Murder Case

I saw the first episode.  It’s gripping even without the tie-in with current events.   Their use of social media as a tool of investigation  among potentially thousands of amateur sleuths shows what podesta and company are up against.

Who murdered Sister Cathy? Netflix takes true crime to the next level

The body of Cathy Cesnik, a dynamic young nun, was found on a dump in Baltimore decades ago. New documentary The Keepers all but solves the case – and then goes further, thanks to two retired Nancy Drews

In November 1969, a dynamic young English teacher named Sister Cathy Cesnick vanished soon after leaving her post at Archbishop Keough, a high school in the heart of south-west Baltimore’s Catholic community. The nun’s body was found on a rubbish dump two months later. Nobody was ever charged, but the mystery is more or less solved by The Keepers, a seven-part Netflix documentary that demonstrates how the new wave of true crime series is already evolving. …

How Satanic Puppets in the Catholic Church Gained Control of the Baltimore Police Department in 1969