How Satanic Puppets in the Catholic Church Gained Control of the Baltimore Police Department in 1969

Holy cow, these people don’t miss a beat.   Once access is gained, they make sure it is never lost.  They will kill anyone who threatens an existing channel of control.  Absolutely terrifying in its implications.   I’m talking about episode 2 of the new Netflix documentary series The Keepers.   This is shaping up to be a total expose of how the satanic cabal has infiltrated much of american society.  In this case a catholic school in baltimore is leveraged to infiltrate the local police department.  You can be absolutely sure such control is still in place.

[note: episode 3 continues down the rabbit hole, opening up a new vista into the potential mass compromise and blackmail of major business and political figures in the baltimore area.   A very consistent pattern that should be familiar to readers of this blog (see ) and this is in 1969 or so.   Seriously, things are way beyond ridiculously satanically controlled in this society.

The structure of such a hierarchy of systematic child “recruitment” or kidnapping and systematic blackmail shows the potential for organic, exponential growth in the “civilian” culture while still maintaining highly centralized and compartmentalized control.

Forget the dollar.  The dominant currency of the invisible empire appears to be children.  Once again emphasizing just how toxic american medicine’s uniquely barbarous campaign of wholesale child genital mutilation has been to our society.    It undermines the marital bond, producing emotionally starved and vulnerable girls as well as sexual-sensory and emotionally starved men to prey on them.

Exponential growth in a contained environment produces an S curve with the upper boundary flattening out as the medium approaches 100% colonization of the vulnerable segment of the population.   My guess is that we are already well past the midpoint of the achievable level.   It’s anybody’s guess how close to 100% it could get, but as the breakdown of families and communities and associated community values proceeds one can assume that the number of neurologically impaired and socially conditioned psychopathic men (see  and ) will continue to increase over time.

I note that netflix appears to suddenly be getting a lot of bad business press lately.  Is there a connection? -rw]

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