Was Last Pope Deposed Under Blackmail?

Friday 22 February 2013

Papal resignation linked to inquiry into ‘Vatican gay officials’, says paper

Pope’s staff decline to confirm or deny La Repubblica claims linking ‘Vatileaks’ affair and discovery of ‘blackmailed gay clergy’

A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

The pope’s spokesman declined to confirm or deny the report, which was carried by the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

The paper said the pope had taken the decision on 17 December that he was going to resign – the day he received a dossier compiled by three cardinals delegated to look into the so-called “Vatileaks” affair.

Last May Pope Benedict’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested and charged with having stolen and leaked papal correspondence that depicted the Vatican as a seething hotbed of intrigue and infighting.

According to La Repubblica, the dossier comprising “two volumes of almost 300 pages – bound in red” had been consigned to a safe in the papal apartments and would be delivered to the pope’s successor upon his election.

The newspaper said the cardinals described a number of factions, including one whose members were “united by sexual orientation”.

In an apparent quotation from the report, La Repubblica said some Vatican officials had been subject to “external influence” from laymen with whom they had links of a “worldly nature”. The paper said this was a clear reference to blackmail.

It quoted a source “very close to those who wrote [the cardinal’s report]” as saying: “Everything revolves around the non-observance of the sixth and seventh commandments.”

The seventh enjoins against theft. The sixth forbids adultery, but is linked in Catholic doctrine to the proscribing of homosexual acts. …


Well at least his successor has the ultimate blackmail dossier on everyone else.  There won’t be any more disturbing publicity from the vatican!

Terror in Britain: What Did the Prime Minister Know?

Why was Abedi able to travel freely through Europe to Libya and back to Manchester only days before he committed his terrible crime? Was Theresa May told by MI5 that the FBI had tracked him as part of an Islamic cell planning to attack a “political target” in Britain?

Terror in Britain: What Did the Prime Minister Know?

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Report from Iron Mountain: Preparing the Ground for Global Governance?

[Editor’s Note: The Report from Iron Mountain is a vehicle of disinformation. It was released to the public for the purpose of deception. Its stated conlcusion is that the mass of humanity is so weak and fragile that the world could not handle the revelation of an ET presence on Earth and therefore it’s more desirable to withhold such information from the public. Its real goal was to set the stage for a looming alien ‘threat’ that would eventually herald an in-your-face alien appearance by an armada of UFOs that will be witnessed by just about everyone on the planet. The fake alien invasion scenario will likely be staged in the midst of other orchestrated calamities in order to stampede the public into believing we have to give up our national sovereignty and liberties in the interest of self preservation. ..Ken Adachi]

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Introduction By Leonard C. Lewin
Report Dated March 1966
Article Dated June 1967




Report from Iron Mountain unveils a hitherto top-secret report of a government commission that was requested to explore the consequences of lasting peace on American society. The shocking results of the study, as revealed in this report, led the government to conceal the existence of the commission–they had found that, among other things, peace may never be possible; that even if it were, it would probably be un-desirable, that “defending the national interest” is not the real purpose of war; that war is necessary; that war deaths should be planned and budgeted. REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN tells the story of how the project was formed, how it operated, What happened to it. It includes the complete verbatim text of the commission’s hitherto classified report.

“. . . so elaborate and ingenious and so substantively original, acute, interesting and horrifying, that it will receive serious attention regardless of its origin.”
–The New York Times

“The first major result of the transformation of the war game into the peace game.”
–Irving Louis Horowitz,
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

“Should be the occasion for new public demand for a penetrating examination and evaluation of government reports on strategic planning for disarmament and peace.”
–The Editors of Trans-action …


The Real Enemy: YOU

Psyopping the masses into a self-imposed malthusian shock doctrine for the usual purposes of social control, population control and economic harvesting.    It’s one terrifying boogieman after another.   Or did you think the omnicidal owners of the world suddenly care about the environment?   I mean seriously.

Remember, no matter how cynical you are, it’s not enough.

“The need for enemies seems to be a common historical factor. Some states have striven to overcome domestic failure and internal contradictions by blaming external enemies. The ploy of finding a scapegoat is as old as mankind itself – when things become too difficult at home, divert attention to adventure abroad. Bring the divided nation together to face an outside enemy, either a real one, or else one invented for the purpose. With the disappearance of the traditional enemy, the temptation is to use religious or ethnic minorities as scapegoats, especially those whose differences from the majority are disturbing. … Every state has been so used to classifying its neighbors as friend or foe, that the sudden absence of traditional adversaries has left governments and public opinion with a great void to fill. New enemies have to be identified, new strategies imagined, and new weapons devised. … In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

The First Global Revolution. The Club of Rome (1991) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Club_of_Rome

Which came first, “anthropogenic global warming” or the political class’s need for enemies?  It’s telling that AGW only became a well-funded media concern after the publication of this report despite global temps being in an uptrend since the little ice age of the 1600’s (i.e. a reversion to the mean), with a distinct breakout since the mid-1900’s, followed by a now 15 year long plateau despite a deluge of CO2 from newly industrialized China.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2013/09/climate-scientists-told-to-cover-up-the-fact-that-the-earths-temperature-hasnt-risen-for-15-years/  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2019/08/report-sheds-light-on-the-rockefeller-familys-covert-climate-change-plan/ But incredibly, the IPCC ignores solar wind variability and its impact on earth’s cloud cover in its search for causes.    This factor would seem to argue that we are heading into a period of global cooling, not warming.  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/08/160825113235.htm  https://phys.org/news/2015-08-solar-decliningwhat.html http://notrickszone.com/2013/12/01/ipcc-finds-the-important-natural-climate-driver-solar-surface-radiation-intensity-but-then-ignores-and-buries-it/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHGbri7gWWw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_yqIj38UmY https://www.nature.com/articles/srep15689  And then there’s the “climate gate” emails which show researchers chasing grant dollars by doctoring the temperature data, https://wattsupwiththat.com/climategate/  and the MSM hyping computer models whose predictions (predictably given the problems of applying digital computer models to analog chaotic systems with inadequate and unavoidably inaccurate inputs) have proven worthless.   But that’s just my cynic speaking.  I’m sure the club wants what’s best even for starving children in africa.  As long as they get a cut of the profit.

A careful examination of Al Gore’s “hockey stick” graph, which shows the strong correlation between global temps and global CO2 concentrations, shows that in the few places where the curves diverge, it’s always temperature that leads CO2.   https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11659-climate-myths-ice-cores-show-co2-increases-lag-behind-temperature-rises-disproving-the-link-to-global-warming/  Historically, it seems temperature drives CO2 production, not the other way around, and there are known mechanisms for how this might be occurring: temp related CO2 ocean solubility (which decreases with increasing temp, forcing CO2 out of solution) and temp related soil CO2 production.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2018/02/al-gores-credibility-on-global-warming/

In any case assumptions make the conclusions.  The unspoken assumption here is the “club’s” fervent desire to  preserve existing power structures, including existing monetary and financial structures such as debt-based money,  fractional reserve banking and “sovereign” debt (i.e. enslavement of an entire nation based on decisions made by a few privileged members of that nation http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/05/video-war-by-other-means/ ), which are apparently considered laws of nature.  They are not.  They are not even morally justifiable, and they impose needless constraints on possible solutions to maintaining social (as opposed to political) order.  The fact is that WE DON’T KNOW what the carrying capacity of this planet would be if had an honest money supply.  What we do know is that the present system generates massive amounts of waste, destruction and toxic chemical, radiological and genetic pollution that the same media establishment which hypes AGW seems oddly oblivious to.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2012/11/video-the-light-bulb-conspiracy/

How would an honest money system modify the problem?   For one, it would remove important levers of social control and economic harvesting utilized for centuries by the bankster class to impose poverty, economic cycles and war, the three most proximate causes of famine and ecological catastrophe.    Here’s what monetary.org has to say about honest money:

Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi’s Model of HR 2990

Professor Yamaguchi (Berkeley, Doshisha Universities) shows that Kucinich’s HR 2990 NEED Act: (1) Provides the funding for infrastructure repair (which solves the unemployment crisis) (2) Pays off the national debt as it comes due (3) Does this without inflation! Click here to watch a video of Professor Yamaguchi’s presentation to the 2010 AMI Conference. Wow!


The deliberate imposition of poverty is probably the most useful  tool at the bankster’s disposal. http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2015/02/milton-friedman-on-the-origins-of-the-great-ripoff/  It satisfies both population control and social control functions.   The need for an enemy is also self evident and provides the cover for both centralized political control and episodic orgies of profitable violence, depopulation and (surprise!) “public debt” creation, with the added function of wealth destruction as needed to maintain the desired level of poverty.   The  taxation of CO2 emissions would be a useful addition to this arsenal, providing a finely tunable, unauditable and nation-selective control lever for suppressing or channeling economic activity in accordance with elite objectives while providing a funding source for its enforcement mechanism, the military arm of their “new world order”.

What the luciferian central banksters DON’T want is the social, economic and intellectual synergy which would result from a sufficient level of grassroots social interaction coupled with a sufficient level of grassroots wealth to provide a real alternative to centralized economics and centralized political control.   The idea is to prevent the formation of such “crystals” from the solution of the socioeconomic system by managing the concentration of solution (economic diversity density, a function of population density and grassroots wealth)  and temperature (level of social chaos).   Both poverty and war suffice to provide such management, but there are other tools, such as the deliberate destruction of the family, which allows for a higher population density while maintaining an adequate level of poverty, atomization and chaos at the street level:

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

The social control utility of government sponsored drug running is also important to the status quo, providing both street-level chaos and one of the few remaining props for the dollar  given the ongoing deindustrialization of the USA.    Drug profits are laundered through wall street, just as petrodollars are used to buy US treasuries.   Both create a demand for US dollars.   That’s why the USA has essentially granted immunity to certain latin american drug gangs:  those are the gangs which have agreed to do precisely that.   The ones that don’t, such as the FARC in colombia, are the ones that are targetted ( see: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2012/09/fitts-the-ultimate-cold-call/  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2015/07/mexico-drug-war-explained/ http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/04/why-arent-we-putting-us-agencies-on-trial-for-financing-mexican-drug-cartels/ http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2012/11/mexican-drug-cartel-assassins-bought-guns-from-u-s-border-patrol/ http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2012/10/mexican-diplomat-says-u-s-government-works-with-mexican-cartels-to-traffic-drugs-into-the-united-states/ )

The CIA and the Crack Cocaine Epidemic

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Censored: Ben Franklin on the Real Cause of the American Revolution

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Brzezinski: It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them