The Bizarre Pizzagate Gunman Deception

This is The New Nationalist’s first run at the alleged Comet Ping Pong and Pizza intrusion incident on Sunday afternoon. We reserve the option of awaiting more details and information. Various sources note that on Dec. 3, the traffic camera facing Comet was pointed away from the restaurant, so this apparently is not available for scrutiny. This was noted at Voat before the incident. Despite enhanced security, a man with an assault rifle walked into Comet on Dec. 4. We sense there is deception in play here.

Curiously, Welch has previously lived in Haiti and his father worked as an executive director for Protect-A-Child, a non-profit organization to prevent abuse and abduction of children. This is mentioned in his couch surfing profile.  The biography of his father, Harry Welch, Jr., was taken down — but not before TNN screen captured it.


Of course, there are multiple theories about what this children-protection connection means. One is that Edgar is dedicated to this issue. On his Facebook, photos are available showing him as a family man with two daughters and an attractive wife. He is also described as evangelical Christian. But most curiously his Facebook account also revealed that he has never mentioned Pizzagate, not even once.

The Charlotte Observer has a story that says Edgar has had DUIs, possession of controlled substance charges, and a vehicular accident on Oct. 25 in which he hit and seriously injured a 13-year-old girl. This makes Edgar a very compromiseable individual, especially if his father was a white-hat hero for abused children and protection issues — or perhaps even on the trail of powerful pedophiles. Thus a couple birds are hit with one stone, utilizing Edgar, who is then given a light sentence or is slipped out the back door. So critical thinkers need to watch these individuals closely. By the way, Edgar Welch is also an actor. Some speculate — and TNN is not saying so at this point — that the Welch family may be a part of the pedo ring.


Photos of Edgar look VERY deceptive and staged. How many poses like this have we seen in these scripts? But since Edgar is not to be charged with murder, one would think opportunities may arise in the future in which the public can simply hear him speak for himself. Comments from his father may add additional clues. The attorney assigned will be critical as that will be a tell if he goes into the U.S. star chamber justice system.

The Washington Post put up an article and narrative on this incident. Do not just read the headline, analyze the sophistry being spun. The goals are quite obvious: allow the pervert justice warriors (PJWs) to assume a victimhood stance and to claim the allegations against them are “fake.” For those brand new to the Pizzagate issue, see TNN’s other Pizzagate-related posts. You can not begin to understand this otherwise.

The profile the Crime Syndicate would like to paint is that Edgar was triggered by the Pizzagate revelations, influenced by “fake news”, and decided to sacrifice his liberty, jeopardize his family and possibly his life, to go into Comet, clear the place out and “go into the kitchen area to investigate for tunnels.”

Additionally, in an arraignment released on Monday the police report stated that Edgar had read online that the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Northwest Washington was “harboring child sex slaves, and he wanted to see for himself if they were there.” Apparently the stooge media is portraying TNN as one of the primary fake news sourceson Pizzagate. This too is sophistry. Readers are invited to read our articles, and no such harboring claim within the restaurant has ever been made. Frankly TNN is perplexed as where in the universe of “fake news” Welch got this notion? In our considerable research, we have found no one seriously claiming that child sex slaves were on Comet premises, and they certainly wouldn’t be there after the Pizzagate scandal went viral. Readers are welcome to provide citations in comments to refute this.

Underground DC

The backroom, or tunnel, narrative is a straw-man fallacy the Crime Syndicate has been running with from the beginning. What the lugenpresse has done is spin the term “Pizzagate” to be exclusively about “back rooms and basements” at Comet. For the record James Alefantis in separate interviews first stated that Comet had a storage basement, and then recently stated that there isn’t one. As Abe Lincoln once said, “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” …

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