Brainwashington Compost Intensifies Diversions from DNC Emails

Keep your eyes on the balls, they keep multiplying.

  1. the CONTENT of Pedosta’s emails
  2. the MURDER of Seth Rich
  3. the lack of any evidence whatsoever of russian involvement in ANY of it

Washington Post Already Claiming Russiagate Is Still Valid Even If Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker

The CIA-funded Washington Post has something very important to tell you about the Seth Rich case. WaPo, which is owned by the planet’s third-wealthiest plutocrat and lucky recipient of $600 million from the US Central Intelligence Agency, would like you to be aware that if for some reason it should be revealed that Russia didn’t hack the emails of DNC staffers and provide them to WikiLeaks, this doesn’t nullify the Trump-Russia collusion story. You know, just in case something should happen in the near future to make you think such a thing. …

Good ol’ WaPo. Always looking out for us, right?

The Washington Post has been working tirelessly to kill interest in the Seth Rich story since it moved back into the spotlight following a shocking report by Fox News, releasing reports every day in which it frenetically assures readers that there’s no need to pay attention to the dead man behind the curtain. In its most recent story in this series, oddly titled “The Seth Rich conspiracy’s biggest myths, explained,” WaPo agent David Weigel waited until halfway through his article to deliver the core message that WaPo’s directors need readers to believe:

If the theory is right, does the “Trump/Russia” story implode?

That’s pretty clearly what Sean Hannity thinks. “If Seth was wiki source, no Trump/Russia collusion,” the Fox News host tweeted this past weekend, as he promoted the out-of-almost-nowhere arrival of Internet celebrity Kim Dotcom to the story. The theory is simple: If someone could prove that WikiLeaks had a mole inside the DNC, the table-banging about Russia-linked hacking would be debunked, whoosh, just like that.

The problem, which really should be more obvious, is that the DNC wasn’t the only Democratic campaign organization hacked in 2016. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was hacked. Podesta’s email was hacked. In the fantasy where the Rich obsessives are vindicated, they end up with no rebuttal to the federal investigators who say that hackers penetrated the DCCC and Clinton’s campaign chairman. And, not incidentally, the emails that did the most intra-Democratic Party damage, like the proof that then-DNC Vice Chair Donna Brazile shared two questions that were going to be asked at Clinton-Sanders televised events, came from the Podesta hack.

So if I’m reading this CIA trade rag correctly (and I might not be as my eye is twitching furiously), we are meant to believe that should Russia be proven innocent of hacking DNC emails and giving them to WikiLeaks as mainstream outlets like the Washington Post have been assuring us every day they did, we still have to keep the Russia hysteria running full blast because surely the Russians are guilty of the other remaining hacking accusations that these outlets have been promulgating. ….

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