Agenda 21: The UN’s Scheme for Mass Social Control

The UN’s system is indistinguishable from high-tech fascism with an environmental facade and a religious-like mind-control mechanism.  The mid-level technocrats set the parameters on energy production and consumption subject to the parameters imposed on them by the invisible government, which essentially sets the equivalent of the laws of arithmetic and physics which are to be adopted as unquestioned doctrine.   Everyone is to accept this doctrine as self-evident and tautologically obvious because no alternative model is to be conceptually accessible.  Everything is to be brought under centralized control with the aim of maximizing the skim at the top while maintaining stability at the bottom.   The latter requirement will necessitate preventing the formation of any kind of social or economic autonomy at any level including families.   Everyone is to seek guidance from above in a religious-like structure with as little localized personal interaction as possible.   People who can be trained to accept this system based on “science” and deduction will be recruited upwards.  Those who can’t will be “islamified” and eventually eliminated.

This agenda will require a massive catastrophe to disrupt the social and economic structures and alternatives which are already in place and render the distributed memory of history embedded in the population irrelevant.  In the long run, population control will be necessary to prevent localized social phase transitions (communities) which would disrupt the upward flow of production and the downward flow of control.   Think of crystals precipitating from solution when the concentration exceeds (or the temperature drops below) a threshold.   Population control is equivalent to keeping the concentration below that threshold, ongoing chaos and trauma is equivalent to keeping the temperature above.  Continual war is a convenient tool to control both parameters while allowing for the destruction of “excess” production to keep the masses poor and controllable.

The gift of universal solar-powered distributed ongoing spontaneous creativity which is embedded in everything from mathematics to space-time to molecules to complexity itself is to be replaced by an 18th century steam-engine mechanical monstrosity, the kind of thinking that created environmental problems in the first place.

These people are autistic mono-minded megalomanics and they intend to make the entire population (or what remains of it) the same.  Is the vaccine-autism connection a coincidence?   Traumatized birth?  Circumcision?  These all act to inhibit individual interaction.

It’s tempting to speculate on the  social structure at the top, where this confluence of power and autistic  behavior originates and is perpetuated to this point in history.   One obvious possibility is blackmail-bonding (i.e.  the franklin scandal)  whose philosophical overlay is luciferianism,, a fitting “counter-creation” to universal life, love and empathy.

If so then no one is in control.  The capstone of the pyramid is lucifer itself.

The issue which is often lost on those who promote unfettered capitalism as an ideology is that while grassroots capitalism is just mutually beneficial economic activity, larger scale capitalism inevitably gives rise to monopolies which in turn gives rise the very problem described in this article.  This is the paradox which must be addressed if we are to survive in the long run.

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