USA: Land of Psychopaths

Psychopathy across cultures (googled “Robert Hare” epidemiology by country)

Psychopathy: Theory, Research and Implications for Society

Page 13: Of 16 studies of european prisoners
(prisoner studies N=12, “security patients” N=4)
N=2143, Avg score=16.2, SD=8.4

North American Standardized among prisoners:
N=1192, Score=23.6, SD=7.9

North American Standardized among general population
N=1632, Score=22.8, SD=7.9

Note NA BASELINE is 40% higher than european prisoners!!!
The NA baseline is higher than all but two european surveys

Note also the small difference between NA prisoners & population,
indicative of a nearly “unbiased” imprisonment of “criminals” vs
“regular folks”,  probably an artifact of the drug war, which has turned our prisons into universities of crime and despair for the seeming purpose of mass social destabilization.

Is this about differences in birthing practices?

Note that psychopathy is a mindset of slaves because it renders people less capable of acting as a community and a political force.

Also note the similarities between present-day america and pre-nazi germany:

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