Kerth Barker: Cannibalism in the Illuminati

How insane are the controllers of “our” government?   Here’s an example, linked from the directory of articles at

History is full of examples of empires being ruled by the likes of these “people”.  If corruption is proportional to the size of the empire (probably beyond proportional actually) then the central banking cartel, the shareholders of the “federal” reserve, is probably the most corrupt empire in history.

Cannibalism in the Illuminati
by KerthB,

I have decided to describe two films that I saw in the late seventies.  These were not Hollywood type films, these were private home movies made with a high-quality professional grade camera.  These were films of high ranking Illuminati members performing cannibalism. I was told that these were filmed in a mansion owned by a member of the Committee.  The Committee is the group which rules the Illuminati.  My impression was that the mansion was in Europe, but I don’t know that for certain.

A man who we called Bob had made these films and showed them to certain people. He was in the Illuminati, but had become disillusioned with its leadership. He was trying to inspire a resistance movement to reform the Illuminati from within by creating a new leadership. He was a Satanist, but not all Satanists practice human sacrifice and cannibalism. He would show these films to people who he thought might be able to help him change the Illuminati’s leadership to make it less insanely violent.

I had seen other disturbing films but these two were different. When I looked at these films it was very emotional for me. I feel that they were etched in my mind in a way so that I can never forget them. I feel nauseous and my hands tremble a little as I am writing about this. But I think if I describe what I saw in those films and publish it on the internet, I may be able to get these images out of my mind. I have prayed about this, and I believe Yeshua wants me to do this. ….