Imposed social division and control in the USA

Below is just a small fraction of the the evidence for elite social manipulation and destabilization of american society which you can find on this site.   Other aspects are genital mutilation and obstetrical abuse (this being the most potent dagger in the heart of society), drug running, toxic vaccines, imported muslim refugees from US foreign policies etc.  Who benefits?

Think about what humans do when they’re left to control their own lives, control their own money and benefit from their own labors (i.e. when they’re free).  They form stable self-sustaining social structures in the intergenerational flow of humanity.    Like liquid crystal.  Nature provides the physiological apparatus that leads to stable families, and groups of stable families interact to form stable communities sustained by human interaction, empathy and highly efficient, largely solar powered economies with low waste production.

Is it in the interests of large social organizations composed of alienated strangers organized around slave money (debt-based currency) to leave such natural humane social structures to themselves when the profits to be made from their disruption are so lucrative?    Where would fast food joints be without divorce and outsourced parental functions?  Where would the dollar be without the prop of wall-street laundered drug money?  Where would the central banking cartel be without war, the most efficient generator of government debt?

What does “power” mean in the context of social organization?  It means organizing large groups of people around your chosen economic siphons and political  chains.   Anything which interferes with this top-down socioeconomic uniformity and monoculture reduces the economic flows available to be siphoned off at the top.  It is therefore in the interests of the “state” (for want of a better word) to disrupt and homogenize the liquid crystal as much as possible in order to organize the human debris around its chosen business model.  This is the original meaning of “disaster capitalism”.  It is the meaning of social “digestion”.

The irony in all this is that free people, over time, naturally self-organize into large political-economic structures which give rise to the monopolies which eventually oppress them.  That’s why we desperately need to re-institute expiration dates and periodic reviews of corporate charters.   Corporate immortality makes power and wealth concentration without limit inevitable.  If they want to be “people” they need to be mortal people at least.

Anyway, divide and conquer is a time-worn strategy for helping to achieve this disruption and homogenization.

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