Freedom Hackers Fight Mind Controllers on the Network

Of course infowars always likes to identify as conservatives but such words are meaningless these days.  The point is that it’s always been real people against the fake people which are religions, corporations and governments.   The simulation of human attributes by such inherently corrupt and immortal institutions is the source of their power over the human mind.   But they are not alive.  They are only machines.  The slaves which operate these machines are the half-digested remnants of the prey which animate the predator.   Perhaps it’s our very mortality which brings out the best in humanity, and our desire to be immortal which brings out the worst.   The latter is that bait that turns people into half-digested slaves.

Corporations used to be mortal.  Even the “federal reserve” had a 100 year charter which would have expired in 2014 if our great leaders hadn’t made it immortal.

Let’s recycle the corpses of the corps.   I volunteer to be a worm.

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