Firefox goes Orwellian

For some reason I thought an open source project like mozilla would have some respect for democratic principles and the intelligence of its users.  But when I just tried to access

an excellent site which has been covering the staged-managed media fantasies marketed as reality recently, it warned me that google had labelled it an “attack site” and sent me to a cul-de-sac from which there was no escape.  Even clicking on the link “I want to go there anyway” sent me to mozilla page lecturing me on the dangers of visiting unapproved sites, trashed the history path leading up to the page so I couldn’t back up and disabled the link to return to where I started.   It finally relented when I opened a new tab and pasted the link in it.  This is firefox 52.0.1.

Clearly google has become completely politicized and firefox is following them like a sheep in a herd.  Somebody needs to talk some sense to them.   The link to “take me there anyway” should do exactly that.   If the development team thinks they can trust the establishment they need only look between their legs (if they’re male, that is).  Clearly people need a new paradigm for how socioeconomic systems “think.”    A democratic society does not need information enforcement.

There are various promising options under “about:config” but I haven’t tinkered with it yet.

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