Trump Wire Tap ‘Worse Than Watergate’

You don’t have to be a trumpster to wonder at the obvious hostility directed at him by the overlords, of which trump is only a minor player. While our national life support system (industrial infrastructure) has been systematically gutted and exported abroad and our economy has become increasingly financialized and subject to the kindness of strangers, the establishment and its media mouthpieces have been remarkably silent, raising the question of their identification with the national interest. Much of trump’s economic agenda, such as tariffs on imports, tax incentives for domestic production and restrictions on immigration are simply commonsense measures to keep americans from starving in the streets and spontaneously dividing into tribal conflict when the dollar goes to hell, as the invisible government has already arranged for. These are the kinds of measures that made the USA the industrial powerhouse of the world years ago.  The country is currently running on fumes due to the policies pursued by the overlords and the silence of the media, the same media which is going after trump with fangs bared.

Here’s my birds-eye view of the current situation. Globalization has erased financial incentives for national allegiance among major corporations and facilitated the formation of global financial networks that are fostering the push for global governance which was formerly only in the sights of the central banking cartel. Globalization is not about a warm fuzzy global brotherhood. It’s a serious intensification of the monopoly capitalism which has already decimated small businesses and impoverished communities the world over ( ).  The logical destination of this economic juggernaut is that most of humanity (including the western middle class, the tattered remnant of the renaissance and enlightenment which resulted from the industrial revolution) will be transitioned from resource to liability on the balance sheets of the ultra-wealthy.  Mass genocide (most likely via arranged war) will be the obvious solution for political stability.  The old aristocracies and secret societies and the central banking cartel with which they are thoroughly entwined ( ) will be the main centers of power and a new high-tech dark age will descend on humanity.  Very simple.

Trump, for all of his many faults, is one of the few remaining nationalists among the very (not ultra) wealthy.  Most of his business interests require a certain degree of american prosperity.    To that extent, he is perhaps our last chance to avoid the shock doctrine.   He may be powerless to stop it in any case.  But if it happens during his watch, he will obviously be made the scapegoat while the real predators will attempt to remain invisible.

As far as I can tell his election threw a monkey wrench into the global government project (the NWO).  Hillary was to continue the slow bleed, further weakening the country toward the point where the terms of its political surrender to the NWO can be dictated by the overlords’ power over its economic survival.

Unfortunately it seems trump has fallen under the spell of the neocons, the most malignant force in washington.   These are certainly interesting times.

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