More on the “Futures Markets” and food…

UK vegetable crisis to end in April as growing conditions bounce back

By Jillian MacMath, AccuWeather staff writer
March 27, 2017, 8:37:12 AM EDT

As winter comes to an end, so too, is the United Kingdom’s lingering vegetable crisis.

Vegetable stock from numerous European countries is predicted to make a full recovery by April, following wintertime shortages as a result of bad weather.

The shortages, which hit lettuce, spinach, courgette and broccoli the hardest, have dramatically affected the U.K.’s major grocery retailers including Tesco, Morrison’s, The Co-Operative and Ocado… (read more at AccuWeather).

Just a trial run for now. No full out famine yet, just a little deprivation, to test the waters.

How does the European dilemma fit with Weather as a Force Multiplier:Owning the Weather in 2025 as well as weather as a profit center and means of controlling populations?

Remember what the witty confidante and advisor of all men rich and powerful, Henry Kissinger, explained – the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars “control by food” tactic:

Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls the money can control the world. – Henry Kissinger, 1973

Another article on the subject of weather control and profit of futures markets: Are the Rothschild Elite Banking on the Weather?

See my March 24 article: Is our weather natural or is it manipulated to profit investors in “futures” trading

When the fruit trees are in bloom, tiny plants are peeking out of the soil – and a big hail storm or hard freeze occurs, you may consider the angle of the futures market and the ownership of weather.

Intel’s Big Brother Chip is Hiding in your PC

Recent Intel x86 processors implement a secret, powerful control mechanism that runs on a separate chip that no one is allowed to audit or examine. When these are eventually compromised, they’ll expose all affected systems to nearly unkillable, undetectable rootkit attacks. I’ve made it my mission to open up this system and make free, open replacements, before it’s too late.

The Intel Management Engine (ME) is a subsystem composed of a special 32-bit ARC microprocessor that’s physically located inside the chipset. It is an extra general purpose computer running a firmware blob that is sold as a management system for big enterprise deployments.

When you purchase your system with a mainboard and Intel x86 CPU, you are also buying this hardware add-on: an extra computer that controls the main CPU. This extra computer runs completely out-of-band with the main x86 CPU meaning that it can function totally independently even when your main CPU is in a low power state like S3 (suspend).

On some chipsets, the firmware running on the ME implements a system called Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT). This is entirely transparent to the operating system, which means that this extra computer can do its job regardless of which operating system is installed and running on the main CPU. …

On systems newer than the Core2 series, the ME cannot be disabled. Intel systems that are designed to have ME but lack ME firmware (or whose ME firmware is corrupted) will refuse to boot, or will shut-down shortly after booting. …

Brasscheck’s “War on Terror is a Fraud” Page

The “War on Terror” is a Fraud:


40 year old Bob Dylan song “Isis” predicted the Iraq story in amazing detail (8:37)

9/11 – The monstrous myth (04:41)

9/11, Gladio, and Operation Northwoods (12:59)

A Global Patriot Act? (6:28)

A new tool for the spy boys (4:32)

A second look at the ‘Good War’ (9:53)

An ongoing civilian massacre Obama and Clinton love (08:19)

Are shooting events being staged? (36:03)

Are you on the terrorist watch list? (8:05)

Automated license plate recognition (3:59)

Bait and switch (7:10)

Behind the scenes of CIA torture (25:01)

Belgium false flag analysis (09:30)

Boston Bombing and the private contractors (5:05)

Boston Bombing witness murdered (9:14)

Brilliant false flag analysis (07:00)

Charleston shooting follow up (06:27)

Cheerleading for the Taliban (1:20)

CIA’s Porter Goss and the 9/11 cover up (14:56)

Clinton, Obama, and Boko Haram (6:55)

Covering up the Saudi 9/11 connection (15:58)

Creating terrorists (2:02)

Crisis actors caught in the act (02:41)

Deeper down the post-9/11 Anthrax rabbit hole (01:16:03)

Dick Gregory on the Charleston Church Shooting (01:01:05)

Did the SWAT team shoot Orlando hostages? (04:14)

Endless war explained (15:01)

Endless war, everywhere (57:10)

Eric Holder Resigns! (4:45)

Faked war footage from Iraq/ISIS (3:10)

False flag in Norway (9:28)

False Flags: A Detailed History (13:43)

FBI discovers assassination plot against members of Occupy, does nothing (03:52)

FBI let first World Trade Center bombing happen (1993) (2:11)

FBI was told in 2014 that the NYC bomber was a terrorist (14:54)

Fighting AGAINST War (3:39)

Flashback: August 1998 (6:03)

“Free expression,” murder and psy-ops (7:29)

Garbage cans, not backpacks – and no shrapnel (9:47)

Gladio: Military terror ops in Europe (31:40)

Got a complaint? (35:11)

Growth industry: Terrorism experts (18:10)

How crazy is the Pentagon? (04:16)

How the FBI creates terrorist incidents (09:23)

Introducing “McJihad” (4:03)

Introducing US-made Terrorist Boogymen 2.0 (3:21)

ISIS – a US/UK creation (08:39)

Just one more war… (08:07)

Major 9/11 US news media fraud (01:57)

Major warhawk calls for peace and the US news media ignores him (04:39)

Making things worse all over the world (09:36)

Meet President Bannon (26:03) NEW!

Meet the Anti-Islamic hate groups of Europe (8:16)

Mike Pence – Fake anthrax victim? (01:01)

Newsflash: Study shows Muslims less violent than most groups (5:04)

NSA Wiretapping (2:23)

Obama: Extending the perpetual war machine (4:17)

One trillion dollars on domestic security (3:18)

Operation Gladio (1992) (02:25:32)

Operation Northwoods – The fine print (02:51)

Orlando story demolished (25:53)

Our age of terror: What it’s all about (58:40)

Paris shooting a hoax? (3:38)

Paris, NYC, ISIS and other brainwashing stunts (33:49)

Post-Charlie Hebdo: The rise of intolerance in Paris (11:36)

Prison break or full blown military operation? (1:30)

Putting Paris under the microscope (07:56)

Remember the anti-Muslim film that “sparked Bengazzi” ? (07:28)

Replay: African Embassy Bombing Mystery (3:42)

Sandy Hook: The Logistics (8:20)

Saudis and 9/11 – Just add water (18:57)

“Scaring people to death” (8:07)

Scary new definition of “terrorists” (11:26)

School security expert: “Sandy Hook was a hoax” (43:42)

So many air strikes, so little time (13:41)

Special report – 9/11 and the Saudis (13:53)

Special Report – NYC bombings (05:37)

Special Report: NYC bomber “story” (07:37)

Syria, NYC and Washington DC (12:55)

Terror evidence? So what? (04:59)

Terror on top of terror? (0:40)

Terror paymasters protected by US (48:58)

Terrorism at home: The history (8:23)

The “Magic” Confession Note (5:50)

The Big Boston coincidence (6:11)

The bogus rise of the “lone wolf” (03:43)

The Boston Bombing – Another Look (56:49)

The Boston-ization of Paris (6:41)

The Daily Threat Matrix (12:53)

The Dallas shooting agenda (10:59)

The FBI knew the NYC bomber (29:28)

The FBI’s Fed Follies (5:28)

The idiots get more idiotic (1:15)

The Kenya Embassy 1998 bombing (42:22)

The Kenya Mall Shooting Hoax (24:51)

The Mad Bomber of Belgrade is now after thought crimes (01:32)

The mind of endless war (28:58)

The new “Operation Gladio” (01:06:13)

The NYPD shooting story makes no sense (11:54)

The original 9/11 in 1898 (11:00)

The origins of ISIS rooted in US and Saudi Arabia (21:19)

The other 7/7 – Dallas and London (15:24)

The Other Civil War (5:46)

The Pentagon plans a war on the future (04:56)

The real Operation Northwoods (11:51)

The reality of the 1968 US anti-war movement (04:17)

The reality of war (03:17)

The San Bernardino Spectacle and how the Israelis handle guns and terrorism (from 10/15) (00:42)

The Saudi Government beheaded 19 people in the month of August 2014 (04:45)

The Saudi-US 9/11 terror network (7:37)

The slaughter of Libya (03:21)

The source of terrorism (15:05)

The Terror Factory (1:15:17)

The truth about Syria (49:35)

The truth about the “War On Terror” (5:02)

The very, very odd death of Brittany Murphy (13:10)

There never was an Al-Qaeda (11:24)

Time for the US to stop funding terrorists (01:04)

Turkey support of ISIS (05:46)

U.S. Army ready to invade U.S? (9:52)

Unraveling Sandy Hook (1:32:13)

US and allies supported, armed and trained ISIS and groups like it (6:10)

US government extortion attack on Yahoo (3:24)

US Rep Peter King: Terrorist Supporter (7:03)

War on Terror = A cash cow (1:15)

“We kill people and break things” (01:00:23)

We’re not done with Charleston yet (15:01)

Welcome to America (5:05)

What’s going on with the US funding of ISIS? (9:10)

Where the crazies come from (4:53)

Where the money goes (05:34)

Why do they use crisis actors? (24:41)

Why the Justice Department doesn’t catch banksters, terrorists and other enemies of the nation (9:36)

Why the war mongers love Hillary (15:05)

Why we seem like terrorists (04:37)

Yemen incident analysis (4:44)

Was the Paris Shooting a Hoax?

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This video may have taken this down by the time you get to it.

(Update: Yes it was. Within 12 hours of posting. Read analysis and then we’ve got a link you can go to below.)

Here’s the first issue and it’s very simple:

The “gruesome” video of the execution of a police officer is nothing of the kind.

In the US, they will not play it on TV and Internet companies are taking it down every time someone puts it up, but note to censors: the policeman clearly was NOT shot in the head, neck, upper torso or anywhere else.

What’s the problem?

No blood.

Not to be gross or graphic, but how do you shoot a person point blank from close range in the head without there being some (or a lot of) blood?

Why is the mainstream and Internet media so insistent on taking the video down especially it when appears that nothing happened when the shooter pulled the trigger?

Also, the casualness with which these guys did what they did is very strange too.

This doesn’t prove anything other than the fact that this was a very strange occurrence.

Technical note: A 7.62 round is actually not that big, smaller than what is used to hunt deer, but it is a lot bigger than a BB and would definitely have a graphic effect. Something’s fishy here.

We found a link so you can see for yourself: Without censorship. You can see the fraud with your own eyes.


Note: For people who lack real life (vs TV watching) experience with firearms, search the YouTube video “AK watermelon” and see what a 7.62 round does at close range.

Also there are numerous videos of people being shot. Physics requires a reaction in the body, not a casual – and slightly delayed – “Oh! He got me” roll over. Depending on distance you should SEE the reaction before you hear it, not after. (Sight travels faster than sound.)

This man was shot at. He was not shot. So why is the news media saying that he was and that the images are to horrible to air?

Update: 1/8 11:00 AM

Something else strange to ponder:

PARIS is a BIG city with lots and lots of traffic…

But the shooters could park casually in the middle of the street in the middle of the work day, tend to their business and get back to their getaway car without having to compete with any traffic whatsoever.

Plus the shooters just happened to know when the entire staff was going to be in the office for a meeting (rare for that publication)

Update: 1/8 2 PM

Time Magazine reports that Paris police are “expanding” random searches. Gee, just like the good old USA. Paris had random searches too. Who knew?

Another news item. Last year, France scrapped it’s graduated terror alert scale. Now there are just two: either “vigilante” or “attack mode.” The system is called “Vigipirate”

Also, the masterminds who knew when the publication was having its full meeting and somehow managed to block all car traffic in front of the building during their operation…left their identity cards in their abandoned get away car. Not so smart.

And, according to the BBC, they decided that the smartest thing in the world to do right after the attack was to rob a gas station in full battle gear so they could get free gas and some snacks on their way to their secret hideout. They graciously left all the witnesses to this grand larceny alive to tell the story.

They can’t be serious with this bullshit.

Update: 1/8 3 PM

Time for a prediction because the story as told is obviously preposterous.

After a few days to give the “anti-terror” folk time to strut around, the bad guys will be killed in a shoot out. Maybe in a barn or in the thick woods (my recommendation, no witnesses.) The bad guys’ motives will be unknown or incoherent, but will surely involve that “crazy” religion we all love to hate.

The “boat in the backyard” thing is old, but who knows. These guys like to recycle.

For more The “War on Terror” is a Fraud: videos, click here