Pedocracy pulling out all stops to muddy the waters

Fake news website The Underground Report” published an article on february 21st 2017 titled: “WIKILEAKS: OBAMA RAN PEDOPHILE RING OUT OF WHITEHOUSE”

The article opens:

Julian Assange unveiled another bombshell Sunday evening, alleging that wikileaks now has hard proof that former President, Barack Hussein Obama, operated and participated in a pedophile ring based in the white house.

A leaked email released today read,

“A young boy the age of 5. He will make the perfect catamite for the president. He will arrive from Romania on Tuesday. I’m sure the president will be pleased.”

This is obviously fake news: neither Julian Assange nor Wikileaks have written anything about this on their Twitter accounts or on the official Wikileaks website. A search for the phrase “He will make the perfect catamite for the president” among the leaked emails on Wikileaks returns no results. If it had been true you would expect them to be pulling out all the stops in order to spread the news far and wide as it would be the scoop of the century.

What you wouldn’t expect them to do is to reveal the news only to an obscure website that has only existed for one day. And the website only exists since yesterday, as evidenced by WHOIS records:…

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