Five Scientific Facts: Links between Autism and Vaccines?

The incidence of autism has increased over 200 fold during the course of my thirty-year career as a medical doctor. Although more than one billion dollars has been spent trying to find out why, the results have been conflicting and incomplete. Meanwhile, research on brain development suggests vaccines could be dangerous in infancy, but this information is buried in science journals. That isn’t unusual. It takes an average of 17 years for published findings to lead to changes in clinical practice, even when the studies have major clinical ramifications.

Countless families are convinced that a vaccine was the direct cause of their child’s regression into symptoms of autism, after having shown normal development for over a year. Many doctors silently wonder if they violate their Hippocratic oath when giving vaccines. Billions of dollars have been paid out as compensation for vaccine-induced injuries, but claims are denied automatically if the condition is labeled “autism“, rather than “encephalopathy”, which means “brain damage.” Nonetheless, vaccines are still presented as safe. The question on many minds is, What should we believe? Science can help us here…..

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