Child sex abuse is not being taken seriously by UK police

Children reporting violent sexual crimes are not being taken seriously by the police, Britain’s victims’ commissioner, Baroness Newlove, has warned.

Newlove said the authorities are failing young people that come forward with stories of abuse, making them feel like criminals themselves.

In some cases, children said they were simply not believed or told that they were wasting the police’s time.

“They didn’t care because we were three teenage girls,” a young woman said in describing how the police reacted to her call about an assault.

“It’s like we were wasting their time. They couldn’t be bothered with us.”

Twelve female victims aged between nine and 17, and some of their parents, were interviewed about their experiences reporting sexual or violent crimes.

Many told the commissioner that they were not treated with the“dignity and respect” they expected, and some girls said they had felt as if they had to “prove themselves” or like “a test subject – a monkey in a cage to be prodded.”

“It seems that lessons are still not being learnt about believing young victims when they come forward and taking them seriously,” the report states, citing previous child abuse inquiries, including the Jimmy Savile and Rotherham grooming network scandals.

In one rape case, a teenage girl was interviewed by male officers on three separate occasions, despite asking for a female officer each time.

One young woman said her worst experience with the criminal justice system was when she was told she had only herself to blame for her own assault, as she had been “being stupid.” …

Well now missy we don’t want to bring down the entire edifice of western “civilization” do we?

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