Five Scientific Facts: Links between Autism and Vaccines?

The incidence of autism has increased over 200 fold during the course of my thirty-year career as a medical doctor. Although more than one billion dollars has been spent trying to find out why, the results have been conflicting and incomplete. Meanwhile, research on brain development suggests vaccines could be dangerous in infancy, but this information is buried in science journals. That isn’t unusual. It takes an average of 17 years for published findings to lead to changes in clinical practice, even when the studies have major clinical ramifications.

Countless families are convinced that a vaccine was the direct cause of their child’s regression into symptoms of autism, after having shown normal development for over a year. Many doctors silently wonder if they violate their Hippocratic oath when giving vaccines. Billions of dollars have been paid out as compensation for vaccine-induced injuries, but claims are denied automatically if the condition is labeled “autism“, rather than “encephalopathy”, which means “brain damage.” Nonetheless, vaccines are still presented as safe. The question on many minds is, What should we believe? Science can help us here…..

The Fed as Suicide Bomber

As a part of the increasingly obvious set-up of conservative movements by international banking interests and globalist think-tanks, I have noticed an expanding disinformation campaign which appears to be designed to wash the Federal Reserve of culpability for the crash of 2008 that has continued to fester to this day despite the many claims of economic “recovery.”  I believe this program is meant to set the stage for a coming conflict between the Trump Administration and the Fed, but what would be the ultimate consequences of such an event?

In my article ‘The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017’, I outlined the propaganda trap being established by globalist owned and operated media outlets like Bloomberg, in which they consistently claim that Donald Trump has “inherited” an economy in recovery and ascendancy from the Obama administration.  I thoroughly debunked their positions and “evidence” by showing how each of their fundamental indicators has actually been in steady decline since 2008, even in the face of massive monetary intervention and fiat printing by the Fed.

My greatest concern leading up to the 2016 election was that Trump would be allowed to win because he represents the perfect scapegoat for an economic crisis that central banks have been brewing for years. Whether or not Trump is aware of this plan cannot yet be proven, but as I have mentioned in the past, his cabinet of Goldman Sachs alumni and neo-con veterans hardly gives me confidence.  In the best case scenario, Trump is surrounded by enemies; in the worst case scenario, he is surrounded by friends.

Trump’s loyalties, though, are a secondary issue for now.  The primary focus of this article is to discern whether or not a battle between Trump and the Fed will result in a net positive or a net negative for the public.  My position is that any action against the Fed should have happened years ago, and that today, the Fed is nothing more than a sacrificial appendage of a greater globalist agenda.  Meaning, conservative groups should be aware that a victory over the Fed is not actually a victory over the globalists.  In fact, the globalists may very well WANT a war between the Fed and the White House at this time.

First, some facts need to be established to counter the propaganda claims that the Fed is some kind of  innocent victim of a rampaging President Trump or “misguided” conservative rhetoric. ….

Where to start?? The “fed” is a private “non-profit” corporation incorporated in delaware on 9/3/1914 under file# 42817 which you can prove for yourself by reading the notes at:

What does this mean?  While the fed itself is non-profit, the fed’s  shareholders make money hand over fist through their insider knowledge of fed policy which they alone formulate in secret.   And who are the fed’s shareholders?  Why the very banks which very deliberately manufactured the great depression and the crash of 2008, the TBTF banks, which threatened congress with martial law in order to extract hundreds of billions in immediate “bailouts” which went directly into their owners’ and managers’ pockets.  They  are transnational corporations largely owned by ultra-wealthy european families like the rothschilds.   It is a walking, talking conflict of interest which has profoundly reshaped our economy and culture under generations of increasingly oppressive social and economic strangulation.

The USA lost the most recent battle of the  revolutionary war in 1913 with the passage of the federal reserve act.   But the war is not over.