Why Would People Lie About Climate Change?

A Corbett Repoort and my comment in response to it:


Excellent video as usual. My personal belief as to why the money powers are financing climate hysteria (clearly their funding is extremely one-sided) is that the writing is on the wall about their impending institutional apocalypse. The word is getting out about their scams especially the business models of the central banks (creation of “business cycles”, war-debt, real interest payments on virtual capital and the creation of an inflation gradient which funnels real goods to the top) and all the social control levers implicit in it. I think it’s pretty conclusive that those who control such machinations are certainly malthusian eugenicists if not outright satanist pedophiles, especially since the latter provides an express elevator to the top of the pyramid. It’s clear that they’re into killing for sport and social control. So what is their business angle on global warming? I think there are two: increased profits from increasing the premium on energy production, and ultimately deindustrialization and depopulation as tools of social control. Ask your typical indoctrinated and invested climate professor if there are too many people in the world and I think we can all guess the answer. So this agenda is an easy sell to those few credentialed opinionators whose cooperation is important to sell the myth to the rank and file sheeple in the lower echelons of the “scientific community”.

VIP Vaccines: Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians

A bit dated but worth noting:

19.10.2009 Damage control is the name of the game in Berlin on Monday as politicians rush to deny that they are receiving a better, safer swine flu vaccine than ordinary Germans. The first of 50 million doses arrived in Germany on Monday.

One might think that the arrival in Germany of the first of 50 million doses of swine flu vaccine on Monday might be cause for celebration. But with news breaking over the weekend that top government officials in Berlin will be injected with an alternative vaccine — one widely seen as safer — a debate about an alleged two-class medical system has erupted. …


My guess is the only reason this is unusual is we never usually hear about such two-tiered vaccination regimes.   Clearly it’s the peasants who are being targeted by aluminum and mercury and combination injections.  Those who implement such social control agendas are above the fray.