Alternative Views: The American Power Structure

Here is the magnum opus: a two part series containing the most detailed presentation of the nature of the U.S. power structure ever seen on television. In addition to the material gathered by Alternative Views producer Frank Morrow, author of “The U.S. Power Structure and the Mass Media,” the program contains relevant portions of previous programs with the following people and films:

Dr. Noam Chomsky, outstanding radical intellectual and author
Dr. William Domhoff, author of many books on the power structure
Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General
Ron Paul, former Congressman
Dr. Tom Ferguson, professor of govt. and co-author of “Right Turn”
Ronnie Dugger, author of biographies of LBJ and Reagan
Dr. Benjamin Spock, who ran for President on a third party ticket
Joan Harvey, documentary film maker of “America/from Hitler to MX”
Arthur Miller, playwright, seen in a documentary by Emile de Antonio
Dr. Al Slivinske, professor of economics
John Stockwell, ex-CIA officer and author of “In Search of Enemies”
Dr. Gary Kline, professor of government
Jackson Browne, singer/composer of “Lives in the Balance”
Richie Havens, singer, seen in Joan Harvey’s film “Voices in Dissent”

This first part looks at the ruling class institutions of power such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission. We see how their personnel and policies dominate the US economic and political system, regardless of administration–Democrat or Republication.

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In the concluding hour we provide the bases of elite control of the economic system through an interlocking network of stock ownership and shared directorates, especially by the ruling class banks and insurance companies.  Next is an assessment of the distribution of wealth and income in the country. Then we analyze the place and function of the mass media in the power structure, finding that the elite media are part of the system of control. Control of elections is the next section, followed by a review of the book “Trading with the Enemy” and a section of “America/from Hitler to MX,” showing how during World War II the American ruling economic institutions were assisting the Axis powers while the US was fighting them.  Finally, we conclude with a short section on what can be done to work toward real democracy in the US.

Copyright June, 1994

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