Nuclear Weapon Strike in Yemen

Fullscreen this video from yemen and note the scintillations on the CCD cell phone camera after the bunker buster explosion (not during the explosion, those are flying sparks).   These are charged particles impacting the camera, protons from decaying neutrons, I suppose.   But of course that’s crazy talk.

Here are several other videos apparently from the same explosion.   See especially the one that starts at 0:50.

Goldman Sachs Is Your Master

[Editor’s Note: Goldman Sachs is the financial advisor to the Vatican. Goldman Sachs was pivotal in the economic destruction of Greece. Goldman Sachs was one of the chief sponsors for fast tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Goldman Sachs is the puppeteer of all US Presidential Candidates, Democrat and Republican. Goldman Sachs is of the opinion that it ‘owns the world.”]

Goldman is known to be the World’s foremost “institutional speculator”. Foreknowledge of statements and decisions by central banks are often used by financial institutions in speculative operations. Inside knowledge and connections are part of this process. The important question which the British media has not addressed: what is the relationship between Mark Carney [governor of the bank of england]  and Goldman Sachs …

Homework is wrecking our kids: The research is clear

“There is no evidence that any amount of homework improves the academic performance of elementary students.”

This statement, by homework research guru Harris Cooper, of Duke University, is startling to hear, no matter which side of the homework debate you’re on. Can it be true that the hours of lost playtime, power struggles and tears are all for naught? That millions of families go through a nightly ritual that doesn’t help? Homework is such an accepted practice, it’s hard for most adults to even question its value.

When you look at the facts, however, here’s what you find: Homework has benefits, but its benefits are age dependent.

For elementary-aged children, research suggests that studying in class gets superior learning results, while extra schoolwork at home is just . . . extra work. Even in middle school, the relationship between homework and academic success is minimal at best. By the time kids reach high school, homework provides academic benefit, but only in moderation. More than two hours per night is the limit. After that amount, the benefits taper off. “The research is very clear,” agrees Etta Kralovec, education professor at the University of Arizona. “There’s no benefit at the elementary school level.” …

CDC refuses to surrender incriminating documents linking MMR vaccines to autism

Everyone (or, at least, everyone not blinded by the government’s propaganda) probably knows the scandal by now: Despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) own research discovered that MMR vaccines caused autism among African American children, the agency chose to bury the evidence to hide it from public scrutiny.

This scientific conspiracy involved even the CDC’s top honchos, including Dr. Julie Gerberding — former CDC director, and now Merck executive.

Despite all the evidence and testimonies pointing to the fact that there was, indeed, a huge cover-up, the CDC still refuses to surrender the relevant documents to the U.S. Congress. Congressman Bill Posey (8th District, Florida) requested certain documents from the CDC in a congressional hearing, but the CDC failed to budge.

“The CDC can’t be trusted regarding investigating vaccine safety,” Posey said. “Huge conflict of interest. I think the CDC should be investigated.”

What’s abundantly clear to everyone is the fact that the CDC is operating what can only be called a “criminal racket” that’s rife with scientific fraud, a major purpose of which is to hide the truth about MMR vaccines. In 2002, the CDC possessed evidence showing that MMR vaccines increase the risk of autism in African American babies by 340%, yet instead of warning the public, the agency’s top scientists and executives actively conspired to bury, and even destroy, that evidence. Now that Congressman Posey is attempting to get some answers, the CDC is also stonewalling his office. In the quest for truth, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, contacted Posey’s office to obtain some clarifications regarding the matter. Posey’s media contact relayed the following statement coming from the congressman himself: “When it comes to our children, we must make sure that any intervention is as safe as possible, including vaccinations. Scientific integrity is a key component to giving that assurance. I will continue to press for a full understanding of the evidence in this situation. The CDC has refused for more than six months to hand over documents I requested concerning this issue. That is not the type of response we expect from our government.” …

ObamaCare and the Crapification of Health Care: A Growing Collection of Horror Stories

How could it be otherwise?  American medicine is the 3rd biggest cause of death in the USA.  And then there’s the non-fatal assaults.

We received the case study that follows over the transom via email from a reader I’ll call Mr. B for Belgium; Mr. B’s story vividly illustrates the exceptionally bad nature of the United States health care system when compared to other industrialized — indeed, civilized — nations like Belgium. But then I got to thinking: I can’t remember any investigative journalism on ObamaCare that aggregates the experiences of those who are less than satisfied with it. So I thought I’d remedy that lack, after letting Mr. B speak and giving some detail on the Belgian system….

Medicine has been mine field for a long time if you needed health care.  But now it doesn’t matter if you have a health problem or not, they’ll find a way to abuse you.

U.S. Bureau of Justice: 73% of girls in the juvenile justice system have been physically or sexually abused

One of the starkest statistics in the lives of girls today is that 73 percent of girls in the juvenile justice system have been physically or sexually abused, according to U.S. Bureau of Justice figures.

A report last summer referred to this as the “sexual-abuse-to-prison pipeline.”

Experiencing abuse is one of the major predictors of girls themselves getting into trouble, according to the report published by the Human Rights Project for Girls, the Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality, and the Ms. Foundation for Women.

The most common crimes for which girls are arrested — including running away, substance abuse and truancy — are also the most common symptoms of abuse, the report noted.

“Girls are pretty invisible” in current efforts to reform the juvenile justice system, said Stephanie Covington, a psychologist who provides training and consulting services to criminal justice agencies through the La Jolla, California-based Center for Gender and Justice.

“People don’t talk about the girls,” she said. ..