The Auctioning of Britain

Public sector debt, that is the national debt that is declared as debt on the books of UKplc stands at around £1.6 trillion or 81% of GDP (all goods and services produced by the nation in one year). It is double today under George Osborne than when he took over the reigns in 2010 and for all of his musings of his economic miracle, Britain is in deep financial trouble….

The continued ‘Americanisation’ of Britain advances with privatisation. The student loan book is nothing short of a scandal. Dumped as unworkable by the coalition government, the sale of student debt to banks means an uncapped variable interest rate without permission from the student and the usual shameful tactics associated with banks chasing their money.

In the USA, the federal government made it easier than ever to borrow money for higher education – saddling a generation with crushing debts, sold off the debt book to investors where interest rates are set to double within five years. In a recent survey as much as 30 per cent of students would consider selling an organ to rid themselves of a lifetime of red letters from bankers. In the UK, prostitution has doubled as a direct result of university fees and subsequent debts.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has dismissed Osborne’s claims that you can finance new student loans by selling old ones as ‘economic nonsense‘ with the Financial Times lamenting the whole idea as ‘economic illiteracy’.

Air traffic control, that manages 2.2 million passenger flights annually will be sold to the highest bidder. I’m sure that makes all 220 million passengers feel safer. It contributed £82 million plus £132 million in profits from annual sales to the public purse last year. Land registry contributed £100 million is also to be auctioned. The Green Investment Bank will be sold off, all these assets contribute back to society to be sold for a one off fee.

The selling of RBS now would constitute a loss to the taxpayer of £13 billion. RBS, Lloyds Banking Group and UK Asset Resolution is one thing. King’s Cross, nuclear fuel processor Urenco, Channel 4, Network Rail, the governments mapping service Ordnance Survey, Companies House, weather forecaster The Met Office, Land Registry, the list goes on, is quite another.

Private ambulance services cost the taxpayer £60m last year an increase of 156% in just two years with The College of Paramedics saying there are “currently not enough paramedics to provide a safe and effective service”. G4S, the security firm unable to secure the Olympics as it wasn’t profitable enough for them and caught thieving millions in an overcharging scandal have been awarded hundreds of millions in police and prison contracts. The fire and rescue services have done no better with stations and equipment sold off.

In 2010 the Government even drew up plans to sell off publicly owned forests in a move that could have seen private developers allowed to clear ancient trees to make way for holiday resorts, golf courses and adventure playgrounds. Thankfully, due to public outrage, the plan was abandoned. This just demonstrates the extremes an out of control ideology can reach. …

Coming soon to a country near you.  But the solution is staring us in the face, in article 1 section 8:

The Congress shall have power … To coin Money, [and] regulate the Value thereof …

“coin” means to create, as in “coin a phrase”, btw.   See  Not to mention:

To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common defence[note 1] and general Welfare of the United States;

First congress abrogated its constitutional duty to coin money, then it stopped collecting duties on imports in the name of “free trade”, in favor of rising income taxes which arguably are illegal in the first place.

CIA Circumcision Study Secretly Circumscribed

The CIA hates children.  But we already knew that based on what they’ve done to children in other countries.   But the naive among us might think they’d treat american children with some degree of respect.   But no, the CIA hates ALL children.

Washington Post, October 20, 1977

HOW TO BEGIN? How to begin a column about the CIA’s secret study of the effect of circumcision? You see my problem. You understand. Therefore, it will come as no surprise if I begin slowly, sort of backing into the subject, telling you that I first learned of the CIA program in The Washington Post. There was a small story of exactly four paragraphs and it was pointed out to me by my wife who said, if I recall correctly, “Look at this.” I pretended to be indignant.

I read the story. It said that the CIA in the early 1960s “funded” experiments on circumcised children “to determine if the operation left any emotional after-effects . . . The aim was to determine if circumcision at a significant stage of a child’s development produced anxieties such as fear of castration . . .” It went on a bit more and ended with the news that the conclusions, if any, were not revealed. I waited.

I waited for the other shoe to drop. I waited for some senator or congressman or anybody to yell bloody murder. Nothing, I waited for someone to ask for an investigation. Nothing. I waited for an editorial, somebody maybe asking what business it was of the CIA’s to find out anything about circumcision. Nothing. I waited for a press release from the ACLU, pointing out that there is nothing in the CIA’s charter allowing it to do this kind of research. Nothing.

I kept waiting. Surely someone would say something. Surely someone would write something. Surely, this was an outrage – the CIA finally going completly bonkers. I mean, even its wildest programs on mind control had to do, in a loose way, with intelligence. But this – what had this to do with anything? I waited. Nothing. …

It never happened, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought that the ball, so to speak, was in my court.

I would do a column and in this column I would say that this story about the circumcision experiments was a commentary on our times – a commentary on now blase and jaded we’ve become about CIA abuses. The story, after all, cmae after several years of disclosures about CIA abuses and cockamamy schemes – everything from an attempt to hand Fidel Castro a poison cigar (“Have, have one of mine”) to enlisting the Mafia in the war on Castro to recent stories about the agency’s mind-control program in which it dropped more mickeys into more drinks than Mickey Spillane has done in a life-time of stories. It was our CIA, after all, that opened a bordello of sorts in San Francisco where, in the name of intelligence, it drugged unsuspecting men and watched through a two-way mirror as they engaged in sex with a presumably patriotic prostitute. After that, a circumcision study pales by comparison.

You read that kind of stuff and you can understand how people could become blase, shrug their shoulders at the news. You could understand that and you could write a column about that and you would not be wrong. But you would not be telling the truth, either. For what vexed me more than anything about that original story was that business about the conclusions not being revealed. After all, let’s face it – it’s not a bad question. It’s a question debated for generations. I wanted to know the answer.

So I called the CIA, acting very reportorial and somber, and I told my business to a woman who answered the phone and she volunteered that the agency had gotten lots of letters from people who also wanted to know what the CIA had learned about circumcision. Well. I asked slyly, what do you tell them? She giggled. No comment, she said.Then I got a public information officer on the phone. Very pleasant. Very nice. He explained that the existence of the program had been deduced from financial records but the study and its conclusion, if any, were no longer available. It had been destroyed in 1973. I hung up depressed, but then I thought of something that gave me hope. I mean, you never know anymore.

Maybe the Department of Agriculture will get interested.

Here are a few things about MGM that the CIA didn’t see fit to tell us about.  It seems sadopedophilia and sensory/emotional lobotomy is very relevant to the CIA’s mission of domination and subjugation.