Govt Reform Committee Investigation on Mercury/Vaccine/Autism

Rep. Dan Burton, Chair of Gov Reform Committee comments on vaccines and mercury showing a video of an autistic child in full melt down.

Followed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield MD UK, well-respected scientist, whose discovery of the vaccine strain measles virus in the gut of autistic children set off an international frenzy from public health authorities attempting to marginalize Wakefield for their own irresponsibility in refusing to address these issues with vaccines.

Many believe public health authorities have become fronts for big pharma who profit unlimited amounts from the illnesses produced by the delivery of contaminants contained in vaccines like mercury (thimerisal). 

A collection of the IOM Meeting called “What Really Happened at the IOM?” are available in DVD at:

Biotech Found to Use GM-Contaminated Rat Feed in Fraudulent Studies

From Biotech Found to Use GM-Contaminated Rat Feed in Fraudulent Studies: at Natural Society

Similarly deceptive “research” is conducted to ostensibly determine the safety of vaccines:

Problem is, the same “chemical soup” that is suspected to produce problems such as developmental regression, strokes, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, death, etc (adjuvants and preservatives, such as mercury in thimerisol, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc) is injected into both the test group and the control group. In other words, both groups are contaminated by the ingredients in the “chemical soup” and there no longer is a control group. A genuine control group would be injected with distilled water and nothing else.

Real science has already tested each ingredient in the “chemical soup” and each one has been found to be a hazardous substance, dangerous to health and life. Vaccines deliver 200 times the safe level of aluminum to infants by age 18 months – a child whose parents adhere to the recommended vaccine schedule receives 4,925 mcg of aluminum, for instance, while the safe limit is 25 mcg. (See Toxic Vaccines.)

Therefore, if the offending, debilitating effects of vaccines are due to the repetitious exposure to the “chemical soup”, then both test and control groups are exposed to the “chemical soup” and no fair test of the “chemical soup” has ever been performed – or at least released.

The logic is flawed. The study is not valid. The study appears to be either very poorly designed or may be intentionally “rigged” to mislead parents, doctors, the courts, etc.

Pharmaceutical corporation exemption from liability should be reversed. Companies should be responsible for their products and liable for damages they produce. Otherwise, they run wild.

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