Success: Highest ever recorded number of globally displaced

Almost 60 million people worldwide were forcibly uprooted by conflict and persecution at the end of last year, the highest ever recorded number, the UN refugee agency said on Thursday, while warning that the situation could deteriorate further.

More than half the displaced from crises including Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia were children, The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said in its annual Global Trends Report.

“I believe things will get worse before they eventually start to get better,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said at a news conference in Istanbul. UNHCR said that Syria, where conflict has raged since 2011, was the world’s biggest source of internally displaced people and refugees. ….

It has nothing to do with the “war on terror” or the neoliberal regime of death-squad-enforced debt servitude.   It’s global warming you see.  It’s driving everyone crazy.    Al Gore was the first victim and he infected the broader society.

War on Terror Hoax Threatens American Kids

This is one of the most important articles I will write all year. The statists are coming for your kids, and the conditioning has already begun.

Last night, I came across one of the most horrifying articles I have ever read, which is saying a lot. Before I get into it, take a look at the title and the tagline:

How to Defeat ISIS with Millennial Spirit and Service

If you think the title is bad, wait until you read the article. What becomes evident is that this grotesque concept of forced “national service” is being actively discussed at the highest levels of government. What Ron Fournier is doing in his National Journal article is conditioning the public to accept something that is completely unacceptable.

Before we get to that, who is Ron Fournier? National Journal provides a bio:

Ron Fournier is the Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director of National Journal. Prior to joining NJ, he worked at the Associated Press for 20 years, most recently as Washington Bureau Chief. A Detroit native, Fournier began his career in Arkansas, first with the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record and then with the Arkansas Democrat and the AP, where he covered the state legislature and Gov. Bill Clinton. In January 1993, Fournier moved to Washington, where he covered the White House and presidential campaigns for the AP. 

So basically, this guy covered Bill Clinton in Arkansas, moved to the District of Criminals after he was elected President, and now wants to convince you to subject your innocent children into mandatory service to a nation provably run by corrupt criminals and oligarchs.  [most likely a media mole for the CIA to keep Mena under cover.  I’m sure Clinton had a whole industry of people surrounding his bilderberg-driven and cocaine-financed annointment as a “statesmen”.  -rw]

It sure is some twisted notion of “shared sacrifice,” when those who had nothing to do with the disastrous choices made by the oligarchy are the ones who have to suffer the consequences.

Let’s now take this piece of Nazi-esque propaganda apart piece by piece. From the National Journal:

I know a better way to fight ISIS. It starts with an idea that should appeal the better angels of both hawks and doves: National service for all 18- to 28-year-olds.

Require virtually every young American—the civic-minded millennial generation—to complete a year of service through programs such as Teach for America, AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, or the U.S. military, and two things will happen:

First of all, he confidently proclaims that this scheme will appeal to both hawks and doves. Based on what evidence? Let me provide some evidence against his argument based on a recent Rasmussen poll that 45% of U.S. Voters Concerned Government Will Use Military Training Exercises for Power Grab. Here’s an excerpt from the findings:

Just 20% of voters now consider the federal government a protector of individual liberty. Sixty percent (60%) see the government as a threat to individual liberty instead.  Only 19% trust the federal government to do the right thing all or most of the time.

So the American public has no confidence in government, but somehow they are going to gladly line up to serve the corrupt oligarchy? Of course not, which is why people like Ron Fornier want to make it mandatory. Now back to the piece…

1. Virtually every American family will become intimately invested in the nation’s biggest challenges, including poverty, education, income inequality, and America’s place in a world afire.

2. Military recruiting will rise to meet threats posed by ISIS and other terrorist networks, giving more people skin in a very dangerous game.

This may seem like a radical plan until you compare it with two alternatives: the status quo, which clearly isn’t working, or a military draft, which might be the boldest and fairest way to wage the long war against Islamic extremists.

Notice how he offers us only three options, as if that is all the imaginative well of humanity is capable of coming up with. Forced national service, the status quo or a draft. Nowhere does he offer the logical alternative of say: stop preemptively invading and destroying countries for no reason (Iraq, Libya to name a few). Perhaps then idiotic foreign policy decisions won’t create ISIS in the first place. ….

Absolutely orwellian.  This is the price of denial.  It’s been almost 15 years since the big lie took over the american narrative.   The “left” has been utterly worthless in pointing out the emperors’ nakedness, while the right shuffles us into the same ideological cul-de-sac that kept us neutralized during the “cold war”.   The same sheep-like parents that refuse to believe that the medical establishment could be targeting children on behalf of the state (circumcision, obstetrical abuse, hyper-vaccination, emotional oppression with drugs, which has done so much to wreck american families) are now being shepherded into outright abandonment of their kids to the powers that be.   This is pre-nazi germany (actually not pre-nazi, the rulers have been nazis for decades).

We’ve been down this road before.  They are traitors to the country and to humanity itself.  They mean to harm us.   Get used to it.

House to vote again thursday morning on fast-track for Obama

The House will vote Thursday on a stand-alone measure to grant President Obama fast-track trade authority.

The decision follows a flurry of activity at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, as the White House and congressional Republicans rally around a strategy for moving forward with the trade package.

Under the plan, the House and Senate would vote for a second time on passing fast-track, which would make it easier for Obama to negotiate a sweeping Pacific trade deal.

Separately, Congress would approve legislation granting aid to workers displaced by trade, a program known as Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA).

The problem for Obama and Republicans is that they must first convince Senate Democrats to vote for fast-track on the promise the TAA bill would be finished later.

Obama met at the White House on Wednesday with a group pro-trade Democrats from the House and Senate as he sought to make the case.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Wednesday signaled Obama is open to Congress sending him the two measures separately.

Earnest said both measures must be delivered to Obama’s desk.

“The only legislative strategy the president can support is one that will result in both pieces of legislation arriving at his desk,” he said.  ….

We’re supposed to believe anything president betrayal says?  I don’t think so. Call congress! We stopped it once, we can do it again!

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